Watchtower Caught in a Lie

Stephen Lett told a lie. There is no other way to describe it – it was simply a lie. There was not one bit of truth to it. And, as my father used to describe misrepresentations like this one – it was “a whopper.”

When analyzed more closely, there were several components to his public statement that were all provably untrue. During his speech, Watchtower Governing Body member Lett was basically trying to convince his followers not to believe the facts. While the following is not a direct quote from the video or from Mr. Lett, he might just as easily made the following statement:

“Effective today, ‘black is white, up is down, and north is south.’ Don’t believe what anyone else says or writes about how we handle child abuse within our organization. Don’t believe your lying eyes, your lying ears, or those lying court documents. We don’t lie about anything. Satan the Devil just wants to make you believe we do.”

StevenLett-1Our sincere thanks to for making this video. We also appreciate the outstanding and very professional efforts of Trey Bundy, REVEAL, CRI and Public Broadcasting System (USA). [Link to Video] Because of that raw material now publicly available, we have been able to compile a very short, but very damning collection of facts connected to the Candace Conti child abuse case in central California that are all part of public record and all backed by hard evidence and confirmed by sworn statements. We’ll let you decide how big of “a whopper” Brother Lett told when filming this presentation.

Please share with your friends – but especially anyone who still can not believe how serious child abuse really is within the Watchtower organization and how little the Governing Body cares.

Here is the link to the YouTube video:


Watchtower Caught in a Lie — 20 Comments

  1. I would not call them “permissive” but their policies allow such people who are convicted of child molestation, fraud, etc. to go unnotices within congregations because they don’t warn the friends to be wary of such person even when the body of elders knows about their past. the worst part about the video was when he called the victims liars…lets say one or two of the thousands of cases against the watchtower did make it all up…it does not account for everyone and I have met a few including my current gf. As a JW I recall being told to not believe anything formers witnesses used to say even about sexual abuse. i know better now and hopefully soon everyone knows all the harmful policies of the organization.

    • The Organization must manipulate everyone’s mind, and indoctrinate their version of “truth.” I sent to “Brother” Dr. Carlton, head of the Infirmary, of Wall Kill New York –medical research with references. One: Orange juice causes infection. Two: smoking, the easy cure, and the reasons for the habit.. Three: The complete cure for blindness.. I was disfellowshipped and not told why not long afterwards. I still have copies of the letters I sent. BUT the Watch Tower Org. made a big mistake. My husband disappeared and surfaced in a State of Montana guardianship as “unmarried” to allow all assets to be stolen.. The social worker was given a report by Jehovah’s Witnesses about me: I supposedly gave them a calendar and tried to force them into obtaining WORLD PEACE by it’s usage. This was about 6 years after the disfellowshipping. I had an attorney view the document filed in court, and he said it appears they are involved with my husband’s abduction. By the way, one year after the case began, there was no file in the court house for another attorney to check out, he said, complete fraud. So, The W.T. will say and do anything to keep going as THE authority, even ignoring valuable research that protects the witnesses.

    • In the video it says: “Apostates claim Jehovah’s Organization is permissive to pedophiles.” When they do not use medical research showing how to avoid the problem, YES, they are permissive to pedophiles!!~ PROOF: As a sister in good standing, I presented medical research which proves highly active anaerobic bacteria metabolizes cholesterol into carcinogenic female hormones; the male body’s reaction is to elevate male hormones for balance. This is sexually stimulating. Two hours after a high fat diet, just where is the stimulated person? In a car group with unrelated females? Children? And what removes these toxic hormones? smoking. What else raises bacteria levels that create toxins? Orange juice. But, the organization refuses to give any of this timely research to it’s followers, enabling the enormous problem.

  2. I remember when my husband was an elder he told me my children should not hang out with a certain man new to our congregation. I was not told why but I now know, but the rest of the congregation did not know…..I wonder how many kids were molested by him because revealing the truth to all would of been slander???

  3. If the WT org. were really functioning like the early Cong/Church . . Such matters would be brought “before the congregation” . . and all in the Cong. would know of the offender & the offense committed . and of course that would not have been slanderous in nature . .

  4. The WT LIES about child molestation. They want to pretend it doesn’t exist when it does! They are having problem after problem after problem with this and instead of dealing with it they out and out deny it! They have outed the Catholic Church for doing the very same thing they are doing and now that is is coming full circle they can’t handle it! Lying only makes them side with Satan the Devil!

    • When Jesus re-appears they will certainly plot to exterminate HIM, as they will bow to no one!

  5. We are also hurt in France by what Lett said recently as it can be watched throughout the world by millions of people who would believe that victims are apostates, criminals led by Satan! Very choking! He, and the Governing Body speak like gurus and play with the victims lives as easily as with the words!

  6. I was told by Elders in my KH and by the C/0 that they don’t deal with child molestation at all!How can they be protecting the flock if they refuse to deal with it? How can they be protecting children if they refuse to deal with it? Stephen Lett is a bold faced LIAR! I cannot believe that he went out there and blamed Apostates for something that He and the Governing Body are responsible for!

    Tell me, are those who are JW’s who ADMITTED that they molested children liars? Why would anyone admit to such a heinous crime if they did not molest children? Why would they ruin their reputations, spend time in jail, ruin their families lives if they did not commit such an act?

    No the LIARS are the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses and their LIEaWYERS who fabricate such nonsense in the hopes that Jehovah’s Witnesses are so gullible, so senseless that they cannot put 2 and 2 together! Wake UP Jehovah’s Witnesses YOU are being made FOOLS of! Your Governing Body are puling the WOOL over your eyes. Tell me Jehovah’s Witnesses would YOU if YOU were accused of child molestation ADMIT to it if YOU didn’t do it? NO YOU would FIGHT tooth and nail any false claim! Jehovah’s Witnesses HAVE ADMITTED and CONVICTED child molesters in their midst! YOUR GOVERNING BODY is LYING TO YOU!

  7. When I was an elder we had an elder move to our Cong. With a good recommendation.
    Only blemish on his record was that he had admitted to performing bestiality. Apparently, the Org. Believed he was cured. He was and is totally weird. Still giving talks at assembles and everyone would think he must be ok. He’s not. There are lots of hidden secrets. I really wish we had a team of lawyers who had time and energy to pursue a class action against these folks. The WTBTS ruined my life and family. I feel deeply for all my fellow victims. The mess starts at the top and filter down to the elders. They all do as they are told. No excuse to hide bad men. No excuse to do things merely because you were following orders.

    • Thomas – The “Effective today…” comment was my own editorial insertion intended as a parody of what Mr. Lett said in his video. Why add that? Because that was effectively and precisely what Mr. Lett was saying by his ridiculous attempt to totally deny that the Watchtower and Jehovah’s Witnesses have a “pedophile problem.” Everything he said in that segment of his video talk was blantantly untrue – thus the title of the article. I attempted to make it sound so ridiculous that readers would recognize it as parody.

      I am often surprised (and disappointed) that some people just do not get the joke and become confused. That’s why so many felt that the late comedian George Carlin was not funny, but simply nasty and mean spirited.

      I will add a note to the comment to make it clear that it is, in fact, parody – and not an actual quote.

  8. I would like to bring up a few questions, some related some not.
    every religious group has this problem. handling this is not as easy as one think it is. plenty of times people point fingers just point and get the person in trouble, many times for monetary gains. if you go the route of the Bible and say two witness are needed for the accused. advantage goes to the criminal unless she screams. in fear of his or her life she doesn’t. and criminal goes free. if one is accused and is found innocent charges again could be filed and again monetary funds are awarded.
    if any body has ever been in big business (I have) you will be approached in a form extortion to not allow accusation to take place. either way you WILL have to PAY. to the extortioner or the legal extortioner lawyers that drain you dry. so you have figure a way to quite the noise. that never works. and it will continue.
    as a Christian the goal from Satan is to Confuse. supposedly the WT gets all its money from donation (supposedly) so the banks have no real control over them as they do other churches
    if you are one of influence you will without a doubt be approached, Jehovah is allowing this to see how they respond. do they have complete trust in Jehovah? it does not seem that way. how many people really do. fear grips us all at one time or another.
    but we are told by the governing body it is ok to lie if it means protecting someone. question arises
    why are we told to take refuge in a lie? when we lie no matter how small, we think the lie (Satan is going to protect us at that moment). so that’s why we take refuge in a lie. instead we should take refuge 100% as Jesus did and not lie regardless of the outcome. yet excuses are sadly made to say it is ok.
    the same is true about flag salute. why should I stand at all, why not remain seated or go walk around till anthem is over. the Hebrews did not say lets bow down but not worship. if your afraid not to salute then don’t be afraid to stand either.
    Satan will break and deceive many. piñatas are now ok. blood is ok if your conscious says so. UN scandal something is wrong. but you cant deny the love among the many JW’s cause they all love Jehovah and Jesus. they have to start speaking up. writing letters always go un answered.
    an another question. did the WT sell because they know the coming tsunami in NY and sold while they can. are they still building in CAlifornia while radiation and the planned drought is there. are they warning the people of what’s coming. the same in Japan? I hope im wrong

    • WT would never joke around with its survival! For it to go on MONEY is needed plus buildings. It would never sell its properties which you have donated. What would the governing body use to buy costly suits, buy golden rings for their wives. It’s called Jehovah’s blessings. In 1894, 1898, 1910, 1925 and 1975 the governing bodies had prophesied that the last day was in those years. Followers innocently programed like robots sold even their land, homes and other property and even donated the money to WT. Did WT regret or appologise-were they meek(Mathew 5:1-6)? Jesus taught that even HIM does not know the last day but The Father. Those victims of 1975 false predictions lost their livelyhoods, got their family lives destroyed and they were traumatised and the governing body went on to live high class lives with their wives in Brooklyn enjoying the donations of the victims. I was a JW but voluntarily quit on learning this organisation’s dirty games. Learn this so-called poisoning at

  9. My ex brother in law was sent a glowing letter of recommendation when he moved to another country. The fact that he was being investigated by authorities for molesting his own daughter was never mentioned. He is now a regular pioneer and a ministerial servant in the country he currently resides in.

    This was what eventually made me stop caring and led to my removal as an elder and then offering my ‘f*** you’ to the organization.

  10. It is not that the watchtower organization intentionally provides safe haven for pedophiles, but because they are more concerned about protecting their reputation and position that it leads to this situation.

    How sad when protecting an organization’s pride and policies is placed ahead of protecting its children.

    The leadership should come clean and admit their errors in policy and seek to right the wrongs.

  11. Aufgrund Kindesmissbrauch bin ich von einen pseudoevanglischen Kirchenmitglied in eine schwere Not geraten.(Als Kind)Ich hatte keine Hilfe auch nicht von meinen Eltern. Ich bin seid 35 Jahren ein Christ im Volk Jehovahs Zeugen und ich bin es ser gerne. Ich habe nicht ein einziges maldas Gefühl gehabt, das mich das Wort Gottes, die Bibel, mich zu irgendetwas manipulieren möchte, was ich nicht selber will. Auch in Jehovahs Volk gibt es schwarze Schafe. Genauso wie damals bei den Israeliten oder bei den ersten Christen. Wir haben heute gelernt, auf einen Kongress von Jehovah’s Zeugen, dass Kindesmissbrauch eine schwere Tat ist und derjenige, der so eine schlimme Tat verübt, sich den staatlichen Behörden stellen muss. Leider gibt es auch solche Fälle in Jehovah’s Organisation. Doch sie werden geahndet. und derjenige wird angezeigt und muss sich stellen. Ich weiss das, weil ich von einem solchen Fall weiss. Ich habe gesehen, den Unterschied zwischen einen wahren Christen und einem Scheinchristen. Alle müssen eines Tages, für ihre guten oder schlechten Handlungen Rechenschaft ablegen. Ob sie nun Jehovahs Zeugen, Freichristen, Moslems, Buddhisten oder sonstwie heißen. denn alle Menschen stammen von einem Elternpaar ab, was Genetiker auch schon herausgefunden haben. Durch dieses Elternpaar sind alle anderen Menschen mitsamt ihren Kulturen entstanden. Ob sie nun auf den einen wahren Gott gehört haben oder nicht. Jehovah und Jesus hassen schlechte Taten. Diejenigen die sie nicht bereuen und sie lassen, werden dafür zur Rechenschaft gezogen werden. Ich glaube an diese Gerechtigkeit. Und ich habe das vollständige Recht dazu, mich darüber zu äußern. Denn ich mit ein Missbrauchsopfer. In Jehovah’s Volk geht es mir wirklich gut. Und niemand manipuliert mich das zu sagen. Denn während ich hier schreibe, bin ich alleine und sehr, sehr dankbar dafür ein Christ zu sein und ich wünsche, es auch zu bleiben- ein aktiver Christ, in einem Volk das Jehovahs Namen trägt. Apg 15:14 Danke, das ich mich frei äußern durfte. Und leiden tue ich heute immer noch, obwohl ich schon zu der reiferen Generation gehöre. Kindesmissbrauch ist eine sehr schlimme Sünde. Und ich wünsche allen Missbrauchsopfern, das es gelingen mag, diesen Schaden zu heilen. Mir hilft wirklich der Glaube, an das Wort Gottes und das Sprechen über eine superschönen Zukunft ohne Leid , Kummer und Schmerzen(auch seelischer Natur).

  12. My young family joined the Jehovah’s witnesses and we were active in the congregation. One day I asked my sister in the faith to watch my 8 year son for a little while ran an errand. When I returned to pick up my son, no one answered the door. I could hear someone in the house so I kept knocking. I a short while I heard my son crying. I insisted he come out. When he did finally open the door I asked where his mother was. He said she left. We lived just around the block. My son was behaving strangely so I asked him if he was ok and he shook his hung down head in a no answer. I said what’s wrong. He said the young man hurt him. I, was he fighting with you, Did he hit you? He said no. Where did he hurt you and he pointed shamefully to his rectum. Alarmed, I returned to to speak with the family along with my husband. My son told the boys mother what her son did to him. I told my husband to report it to the incident to the police. He assured me that he would take care of it. Turns out my husband chose to contact the minister about it since this involved a church family. We went to meet with the church clergy. I as the mother was left out of the discussion. When my husband came from the meeting I asked him what happened? He told me it was taken care of no need to worry. He insisted I not to call the authorities but allow the church to take care of it.. The following Sunday the .young man that molested my child was up serving as a ministerial servant once again. They did nothing and my son was so upset that I got up and left the service and never went back there again.MY marriage declined because I lost respect for my husband for mot protecting my son.

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