JW Crime Map

AAWA JW Crime Map Project 

We are pleased to announce the creation and addition of AAWA JW Crime map on aawa.co. It is a map and database of crimes committed by Jehovah’s Witnesses. “Why is this needed?” You ask. The purpose for the map is to correct the false assumption promoted by the leaders of Jehovah’s Witnesses that Jehovah’s Witnesses (JWs) live in a “spiritual paradise” free from crime, violence, domestic violence and the sexual abuse of children. (See Below)

The map, as you will see, clearly shows that these crimes are at the very least as common within the Witness community as they are within the rest of society, and not what Watchtower wants Witnesses or anyone else to think. In fact, many of Watchtower’s policies provide a safe harbor for the criminals, particularly for child molesters.

This map is not a complete representation of all crimes committed by Jehovah’s Witnesses, as it does not include media, court, and police reports where the religious affiliation of the accused is not mentioned.

The sources for reporting these crimes are cited in the details. And we have tried our best to make sure all links are active at the time of posting. Some links break over time. We have endeavored to save the text of those files and will provide PDF links to that data.

This map comes with a WARNING: The data and references provided are for informational purposes only. It is not our desire to create vigilante groups to harass criminals who have been through the justice system and served their time in jail or prison. Please be aware that anyone who uses this information for those purposes could be prosecuted.

The Watchtower Society frequently reports that there is very little crime among Jehovah’s Witnesses. They claim that Witnesses can be trusted because they follow the Bible and Watchtower policies. In so doing, they want the public and Witnesses to believe they are different or better than other religious groups. Here is a sample of what they want you to believe:

11 Think, too, of the changes in traits as sincere ones of all backgrounds have striven to understand and apply God’s Word. Basically, they have worked to put away animalistic traits that used to characterize them. Perhaps you have done that with significant results, and so have your spiritual brothers and sisters. (Colossians 3:8-14) Hence, as you associate with a congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses, you are with people who have become more peaceable and pleasant. No, they are not yet perfect, but they could hardly be described as ferocious lions or rapacious wild beasts. (Isaiah 35:9) What does this pacific spiritual fellowship indicate? Clearly, we enjoy a spiritual condition that we rightly call a spiritual paradise. And our spiritual paradise foreshadows an earthly paradise that we will enjoy if we remain loyal to God.

– October 15, 2004, Watchtower – “Paradise—For You?”

So they claim to live in a spiritual paradise where they are safe from the problems of the world. BUT they aren’t as safe as they would want people to believe.

The AAWA Map Project quickly dispels the belief that they are crime free. One look at the map demonstrates that there is far more crime going on than most JWs realize.

The map shows that the Jehovah’s Witnesses are anything but the spiritual paradise they tell you it is. They have major crimes such as:

  • Murder and attempted murder
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Child custody issues
  • Domestic violence
  • Scams, fraud, theft, and other crimes involving money
  • Sexual assaults of adults
  • Stalking
  • Assaults of adults
  • Needless cases often resulting in the deaths of children and adults, due to Watchtower’s ever-changing and confusing policy on blood transfusions. We also include cases that have been reported where the courts intervened to save a child’s life.
  • People who have committed suicide due to Watchtower’s flawed policy on how to handle sexual abuse cases and countless number of people who have committed suicide after being disfellowshipped and shunned
  • Court cases directly against the Watchtower Society for the mishandling of sexual abuse cases. We have also included courts cases taken by the Watchtower Society towards various countries as well as various jurisdictions
  • Also included are cases of the sexual abuse of children that have never been reported to the authorities. We do not publish the name of the person accused. The victims have told us who they are. But there is no police record or media report because the elders ordered the victim(s) or their families not to report the abuse. Many were threatened with disciplinary actions and even that they might be disfellowshipped and then shunned for causing divisions or gossip. We have included them on the map by the abuser’s initials, city and the crime only.

All information on the map has been verified either by media reports, by police records, sexual assault registries or court documents. Names of victims are not included unless the victim’s name has been published in the media accounts. Otherwise we endeavour to protect their privacy.

This is a work in progress. There are still hundreds of cases to be added to the map. But it is a beginning.

To enlarge the map for a closer look at any one area, there is a button on the lower right corner. Clicking on any marker on the map will result in a pop-up window with the details of the case. Clicking on the link in the legend will do the same. (Drop down box on the left)

If you know of a case that you would like include on the map, please use the contact info under the description of the map. (Click on the small “i” in the top right corner for Information)

There are also some interesting features on the map. You can choose to minimize the legend box on the left by clicking on the bottom of it.

When the legend is open you can see the various categories. If all category boxes are checked, you will be able to observe the entire scope of crimes by Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide. And, you can unclick boxes, leaving only one to see just that layer.

New names are added daily so please save the map in your browser and come back every now and then to see how vast the problems are among Jehovah’s Witnesses.


JW Crime Map — 75 Comments

    • I have been stalked for two years by a JW group, at the time I had no idea what I was stepping into. I didn’t go to their church or know a JW however I did attend a part time drama school lead by a MBE member in East london with a very famous Nigerian actor in a blockbuster movie starwars. Soon I realised there was something odd and wrong. I was being watched, monitored stalked , followed home. Eventually they moved in next door to my flat listening to my conversations. As they started to repeat my own words back to me when even I returned to the school. They force their JW beliefs onto new children inorder to recruit them or marry them into to their religion. The stalking got very dark. They followed me everywhere, recorded me, harassed me, and used various people to get information on me
      Paid anyone and everyone to pull up dirt. I then moved and they followed me again and still harassing me , knocking on doors, illegally monitoring my emails, recording me on mobile phone, hacking my phone and emails, watching me in every move I make, they just don’t go away, after all I’m just young and 19. I take pictures of them all the time but they don’t stop and forcefully aggressive.

    • All that is illegal, contact the police for them stalking you, especially if you have them on camera. file charges!

    • I am dealing with similar situation. I never associated with a JW, ever! Yet since they moved I next door 4.5 yrs ago, they and 3 other families moved in around the same time, they seem to be connected also. As I see the JW’s go over to their houses. I have also been stalked to an from dr apts, harassed in front of my home by them, and yes all of the electronic harassment as you are having also! And more! They paid a Norte gang felon to vandalize me for over a year, and rob my home. The cops did nothing, when I called about the vandalization, even had a witness to my main water line being broken, and saw the perp felon at that time exiting through the neighbors garage with a witness a friend of mine,, the cop refused to take a report! The robberies did not start here until they moved in! The guy next door bragged how safe it would be here now that they were here,, oh really? He said his brother in law was a PD on the local police force, and he had “friends” or relatives on every block,,, his wife bragged she used to be a PD dispatcher,, looking back,,, they not only know when people are home or not, they know how long it takes the PD to respond.. Go figure!!!! And the MO of most of the robberies fit the felon also! Now for the past 4.5 yrs I thought I had tinnitus went to dr after dr about it, but no, my ears were fine, suffering hearing loss though…. Then about last Feb or march the neighbors went away for almost 2 months and so did the sound… after much research, they have been using a sonic sound device on my home the entire time! I had wondered why my dog cried every night, it is when the thing is turned up on high! Every single dam night! It stays on high till around 4 30 am! Sometimes they leave it on high all day. But it is on 24/7. It causes hearing loss, and many more health problems, and it is elder abuse, discrimination, harassment, and hate crime, and crime against humanity and ch 14 of the constitution my right to live in peace! I have broken bones in my leg that have not healed in 4 months now, my body over produces calcium and it should of healed long ago,, my dr also suspects it is due to the sonic sound device that it is not healing! It is like the day I broke it! I do know if you go to you PD dept ask to talk to the commander about what is going on and ask what kind of tech PC report they need to get some arrests started, for your invasion of privacy, that is where to start! I am doing that now!!! They have hacked into your router and most likely running a temptist type program, in other words they see what you see on your pc! Call your internet provider from another phone, a friends, change your password and the name of your router asap, then call in a IT tech, but find out from the PD what kind of report they need, they are too backed up to do it themselves since cyber crime is everywhere now! But they can be arrested for this and locked up for a while! Then you can sue them! I wish you well as I am in the similar boat surrounded by a sea of bullshit!,

    • It is my opinion that the JW’s are now specializing in acts against private citizens of domestic terrorism! I should know, I am one of them being attacked daily by them!!! The organization needs to be shut down, dismembered, deeply investigated! They are specializing in new age sonic sound weaponry! And electronic harassment! They need to be stopped! Everything taken from them and locked up!

    • For the record, my perpetrators are in Suisun City, CA on Kinglet St, the couple next to me are the ones doing the domestic terrorism and his mother also, when they are gone she is there 2 times a day resetting the sonic weapon being used on my home, me and my pet! They are criminals and need to be stopped now!

  1. As the grandmother of abuse victims within the jWs I would like to thank all for the hard work that has gone into this map which I see as a tool to expose a cult and what it really is … Not so squeaky clean as it would have people believe …Keep up the hard work and continue to expose, rescue and support!

  2. The map is an ongoing process. I still have hundreds of cases to add to it. Not all legal cases are reported in the media. Some come through police records or sex offender registries where they are open to the public. They are not open in Canada so that leaves us with a more limited list.

    As we all know by now the elders do their best and follow instructions by Bethel to impede the reporting to authorities whenever possible. So we may never hear about those cases, at least until the victims grow up and hopefully choose to take the issue to court.

    I have tried to reach out to the larger non-English speaking ex-JW community to add cases that they know about in their countries. I will add the case in the original language with a short English translation if possible.

    And I also include people who want to report cases to me that were never reported to the authorities. We can’t use those names but we can put them on the map to get a better picture of the scope of the problem of abuses committed by Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    People can report cases to me via Facebook or by using the little “i” icon in the top right corner of the map

    • I made a statement not a promise. Believe me I have been collecting data. Perfect? Nope but I also don’t claim to be the ONLY mouthpiece on earth today for the only true God either.

      There are organizations for other churches. I never belonged to them so I won’t post about them (unlike the WTS who loved to point at the Catholic Church while hiding their own sexual abuse cases) At least they finally did something about it. The WTS hads been lying for over at least 50 years.

    • What about those Who are wrongly accused of so called pedophilia? I have known of cases where children were used to set people up! and what about kids who outright lie about misconduct to get out of trouble for something unrelated to it. how do you know the difference between a kid telling the truth and one who is lying because they like seeing somebody get into trouble? when are you going to address that? Anyone who knowingly lies about someone or tries to frame somebody make them look bad, should also be held accountable and responsible as well.

    • This person accusing children of lying is repeating JW propaganda. JW always accuse a child of lying when they go to elders or the police. It is their way of muddying the waters of truth about their BABY RAPING PRACTICES. Do not trust this brainwashed CULT MEMBER.

  3. Some will say it happens in all religions. That is true but the fact here is it is hidden from the JW’s and the world. That leaves JW’s in a bad place as they think they are safe and even when they get married they think they will have no problems as they are marrying a JW like them.

    • JWs have no idea the danger they are in. The elders keep all these things secret meanwhile the Witnesses have no idea who they are sitting beside or who their daughter is marrying. “Friendly” elders visiting the elders and making off with their money. In spite of everything I know about JWs and all the stories I have heard over the years I have been shocked by most of what I have found. AAWA is about educating the world. My hope is that this map will educate many Witnesses too.

    • It does happen in every religion. So I do see this as a form of persecution from a small amount of people who have been hurt to want to ” Expose”

      The only other religion that gets exposed is the Catholic Church.

      I don’t see other people so focused on exposure. Something is wrong here..
      Maybe treatment for you all is what is needed. It’s almost like it’s still Controlling you.

      I’m not trying to be rude to anyone but every ex JW site, YouTube, Facebook, etc it seems they’re obsessed and not really stating anything that doesn’t happen in other Cults(Religion)

  4. I recently received an email from someone who claimed to have once lived in the Antioch, California area covered by the former Oakley Kingdom Hall (now “Brentwood”). The email stated that their family had attended that hall for several weeks never knowing that a “Brother Kendrick” (who also attended meetings at that Hall) was the same infamous “Kendrick” who was the accused (and convicted) child molester named as a defendant in the Candace Conti child abuse trial. No one in that Hall ever warned them that “Brother Kendrick” was someone of whom they should be wary. My hope is that all Jehovah’s Witnesses and those who might be studying to become JWs, take a close look at the JW Crime Map above and check the areas they live in or plan to move to. It may cause them to take a second look at what they might become involved in. Let’s face it – no one at the Kingdom Hall (unless it is “backseat gossip” from someone during field service) will ever tell them or warn them. Ah! But the poor sister who had a weekend fling with some non-JW or the young JW who was discovered reading ex-JW websites on his laptop – everyone will know about them and they will likely be listening to talks and Watchtower studies from one of the Kingdom Hall conference rooms.

    • Wow what a story John. I hope every Witness finds and sees the map and discovers what the elders are NOT telling them. These abusers DO NOT CHANGE. They can’t. It is both a fixation and an addiction that is hard wired into their brains. PROFESSIONALS can’t change them. No matter how much prayer, study, meetings and service they do they will still have thoughts of touching and hurting kids. And sooner or later those thoughts will become actions. ALL Jehovah’s Witnesses need to know who is in their hall.

  5. Very appreciative of this information. Although I’m sad that such a thing ever needed to exist I’m heartened by the ultimate good that this provides.

  6. well..i was molested by a jw when i was seven yrs old, and the guy was married and had a son. typical of the kingdom hall to tell us to be silent and then protect they guy who did it. i have tried therapy for years and yes i do have trust issues that might be with me for life. I can never trust men or possibly never marry and i am not fond of kids

    • Sarah (((HUGS))) Your experience is not isolated there are so many who have been abused and silenced. You are not alone we are all here to help each other I urge you to contact aawa support we have teams all over the globe I am also a survivor do understand your pain …

  7. I gave my info over an email and the abuse is still not on the map. That is all I want to say about it. If you choose to not report it, it’s on your hands.

  8. Bom dia!
    Sou Brasileiro, resido no Brasil e escrevo em Português do Brasil. Aqui também ocorre inúmeras covardias por parte da Sociedade Torre de Vigia.
    Vou estudar um pouco da língua inglesa, pois tenho a certeza que poderemos contribuir com muitos relatos, casos sobre covardia contra testemunhas de Jeová, abuso sexual (pedofilia), contra crianças, e a cruel desassociação. Sucesso para o trabalho de vocês.

    • I agree but so far we have no reports of crimes in the Toronto area. In fact we have very few reported crimes anywhere in Canada.

    • I tried to respond last night and had a problem so I will try again.

      When I was a kid I was led to believe child abusers were weird men who lurked in bushes and cars trying to snatch kids away to hurt them. What my mother never told me was that it wasn’t strangers I needed to beware of. While I certainly had my share of strangers trying to abuse me by far it was the people I knew, family members who were the greatest danger to me. But anyone who has frequent access to a child, someone the child knows well and that the parent also knows well, is more dangerous to your child than any stranger.

      Here is the link to a website that details the grooming process which is how an abusers gets the trust and confidence of a child sufficient to start and continue to abuse them http://laurelhouse.org.au/?page_id=36

    • I definitely got the idea from a map which had not been updated in over 2 years. I didn’t know who to contact about it and saw no contact info on the map. There is no way to just copy and paste that map. I did take the files and updated almost all or deleted many of the cases on that map because verification was missing.

      And this map has far more cases on it.

      So if “Rifter” made the map I thank him for the idea. It is brilliant.

  9. here is one from 1999: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_O._Barton I didn’t guess it had anything to do with religion until I heard on the radio the suicide note mentioning Jehovah’s plan. A couple days later a religious lady, Janet Parshall commentator on the radio highlighted the story, claimed it would not have happened if they were a Bible believing family. I remember this made me mad since the suicide note was news at the time. I sent Miss Parshall an e-mail, letting her know she should do some homework, not let others write her script. .. Any way…good luck on this project. I’ll have to tell some Ex-JWs about this. I was lucky, but I can’t say anything about other people without their permission, even 30 year old stories.

    • Just because he used the name Jehovah doesn’t mean he was a JW. Jews use the name Jehovah too.

    • Jews are forbidden to use the name of God In his suicide note he says the following:

      The Letter

      Leigh Ann is in the master bedroom closet under a blanket. I killed her on Tuesday night. I killed Matthew and Mychelle Wednesday night. There may be similarities between these deaths and the death of my first wife, Debra Spivey. However, I deny killing her and her mother. There is no reason for me to lie now. It just seemed like a quiet way to kill and a relatively painless way to die. There was little pain. All of them were dead in less than five minutes. I hit them with the hammer in their sleep and then put them face-down in the bathtub to make sure they did not wake up in pain, to make sure they were dead.

      I’m so sorry. I wish I didn’t. Words cannot tell the agony. Why did I? I have been dying since October. Wake up at night so afraid, so terrified that I couldn’t be that afraid while awake. It has taken its toll. I have come to hate this life and this system of things. I have come to have no hope. I killed the children to exchange them for five minutes of pain or a lifetime of pain. I forced myself to do it to keep them from suffering so much later. No mother, no father, no relatives. The fears of the father are transferred to the son. It was from my father to me and from me to my son. He already had it. And now to be left alone. I had to take him with me.

      I killed Leigh Ann because she was one of the main reasons for my demise. . . . I know that Jehovah will take care of all of them in the next life. I’m sure the details don’t matter. There is no excuse, no good reason I am sure no one will understand. If they could I wouldn’t want them to. I just write these things to say why. Please know that I love Leigh Ann, Matthew and Mychelle with all my heart. If Jehovah’s willing I would like to see them all again in the resurrection to have a second chance. I don’t plan to live very much longer, just long enough to kill as many of the people that greedily sought my destruction.

      The Notes

      I give you my wife Leigh Ann Vanderver Barton, my honey, my precious love. Please take care of her. I will love her forever.

      I give you Matthew David Barton, my son, my buddy, my life. Please take care of him.

      I give you Mychelle Elizabeth Barton, my daughter, my sweetheart, my life. Please take care of her.

      Photo: Chief Jimmy Mercer of the Henry County police displays a copy of a letter left by Mark O. Barton in the middle of his killing rampage. (Associated Press)

      As far as I know only JWs talk like this. “If Jehovah willing….” is a common phrase among JWs.

  10. The Jehovah’s accused my son of a serious crime that there is evidence he did NOT commit, had him jailed and convinced the district attorney to not allow him out claiming they feared him. He left the church a year and a half ago and embarrassed several of their leaders in public by openly announcing what he had caught them doing. We, and he, have no money for a lawyer, there are numerous people withing the legal system in the town he is jailed who are Jehovahs and I am seriously worried about his safety and continued freedom. I am seeking any advice on how to handle them or advocate groups that could help.

    • If there is evidence that he did not commit this crime then I would suggest that you go to the DA of the state rather than just the county and file a complaint of wrongful conviction. Every county DA is accountable to the DA of the state. Since this is a legal matter then it should not cost you more money. I am unfamiliar with advocacy groups in the US but I would suggest starting with the American Civil Liberties Union (https://www.aclu.org/) if you are in the US or similar groups in other countries

    • Hi lee i am a jw of new zealands kilbernie cong may jehovah show you the way he showed me i was a child molestera now i help the children we all have walked our different paths now i get to look after my neibours kids and play and maid friends with other kids at there school my wife buys mc donalds and lollies for them

  11. There is a case in aliquippa PA the guys name is Odell mills he shot at police officers he is doing 20 year I think this case should be on here just look up his name and and place and u should find it

  12. Suicide attempt – Age 14, Texas
    I have copy of text message..however it was reported as “scratches” and evaluation. Victim was taken transported to Hospital

  13. We are trying to expose the truth behind the Watchtower Society. It isn’t as nice and tidy as they want people to believe. Heck it isn’t even as nice and clean as Witnesses want to believe. Few have any idea this happens

  14. God does not distort the image of man. However man will distort the image of God to suit their purpose. JW are no different. They promote a confused philosophy to promote individuality in their ranks.

  15. JW’s never have claimed that their group is free from crime, abuse, etc…
    Stop misleading folks about the teachings of the JW’s.
    Imperfect humans will always be plagued by the bad habits of the world, once they decide to place Bible principles “ on hold” and sin…
    Don’t lie…

    • Exactly!

      They are very far from Perfect.
      Also, some people use the church as a cover-up and Scapegoat just for their evil ways, There are fake JW churches of people that claim to be but, are not. I’ve heard of whole KH getting shut down.

      It’s not the Religion, it’s the people. They’re not all this way.

    • Nicole. It is the elders with direction from Bethel’s service and legal departments that are hiding the abuses. I don’t blame all JWs. Many if not most are good people. I don’t blame the elders for following orders. They are doing what they were told to do via phone, the elders amnual and the Letters to the Body of Elders. It isn’t that they have the problem. The issue is the cover-up of the problem. That is what got the Catholic Church into trouble. Their cover-up. And all the time the WTS was throwing stones at the Catholic Church for their cover-up the WTS had their own well concealed list of abuses. Most Witnesses would be shocked to know who in their congregation has sexually abused a child or beaten his wife.

      As far as I know there was only one congregation that was shut down due to the elders not following orders. Almost all of the others are a matter of selling off Kingdom Halls and putting two congregations together.

    • Send the information you have to Support@AAWA.co.

      We have not seen many reports from other countries that are not English speaking. Therefore those countries are seriously underrated well unrated is probably the better term. Suicide/murder and other criminal activities can be added to the crime map. Provide as much information as you can. Include links to news reports on the death that would include that the person was a Witness.

      The cases involving blood will go on the AJWRB/AAWA Blood map (http://ajwrb.org/watchtower-blood-map). I will add the cases. Provide as much information as you can. If it was reported in the newspaper please find the links. If it is known but not reported in the media I can still add them but without their names. That is to protect the continued privacy of the family members.

  16. The Case of Brazil is inaccurate, here is why :Although police found no concrete evidence of religious or political motives, texts found at Oliveira’s home suggest that he was obsessed with terrorist acts and Islam, which he had converted to two years beforehand, after having been a Jehovah’s Witness for the rest of his life. In his last wishes, he requested to be buried following Islamic traditions, and asked Jesus for eternal life and “God’s forgiveness for what I have done.” Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rio_de_Janeiro_school_shooting

    The question is, why a person thinks she needs to lie, to trash JW? Probably some deep issues that she needs to get help with. And of course nobody is perfect, if you are looking for perfection you are looking in the wrong way, because nobody is perfect no matter what anyone tells you. Some people are going to commit crimes, including JW and that’s they get disfellowshipped and sued to the police. Now you maybe get why some JW get disfellowshipped?


  17. I am looking for a lawyer who is familiar with this cult & their ways. My father was not a JW & I am disfellowshipped. My sister killed my father & my former elder brother who is still a JW covered it up by refusing to meet with Adult Protective Services in CT where my Dad lived & suffered for many many years from dementia. My brother pretended to be my friend so I would soften to his +30yr shunning and get the police & APS off his back by telling them I’d take over the investigation at his request due to trauma he told me he was suffering from however he then went behind my back & had my father cremated while I was opening a police investigation. He now has had my brother who raped me & tortured me for years as a young child begin email me threats. My sister is living in my fathers home & has trashed it with homeless addicts staying there. I had my child repeatedly kidnapped by my brother & mother no deceased & I cared for my mother & father until I got breast cancer. My brother who had POA never checked on my Dad & wrote me damning emails saying my father despised him & belittled his faith though my father only was not wanting to belong to this “faith” & did respect my brother but was manipulated by my mother to set my brother up to be the executor of my fathers will. Both my brother & sister have written checks out of my fathers account that neither were on. I have been looking for a lawyer since this happened but live 400 miles away from where it is taking place & cannot find anyone. I am severely traumatized & only had my Dad as a support & spoke to him the morning before he took ill & was put in the hospital which they never informed me of & never spoke to me concerning any of it until he was dead to only tell me stories and lies to give me busy work to keep me occupied while they worked to undermine all they’d been asking me to do so it was driving me towards suicide actually. I just got the paperwork from the court that the hearing is on the 20th of this month & my rapist brother is contesting it as am I. I want the court to appoint someone to handle it & my lying sister whose been telling state & fed. agencies she’s been paying rent to live at my fathers when she was stealing from him. My JW brother said that my father should have thrown her out that he is responsible for the consequences of his decisions even though he had dementia and didn’t know he was being lied to. I need help. I need someone familiar with this group to tell me where & who to talk to. I have been doing all I can while being ill from 400 miles away. My father lived in CT and I live in VT in North America. If you know of any attorney who might be able to help me with this & stop these threats and trying to steal more from my father & get justice for him from what they’ve done while refusing to answer any questions I have or to give me the things that I was left in letters by my mother which they refuse to produce now. Please reply & I will get an email. Please help time is of the essence. I cannot wait. I’ve been waiting on one lawyer but he’s not been getting back to me. I am worried because he’s not retained and could just say no & isn’t familiar with them at all. I’m even worried he could be one but I don’t think they can be lawyers…though am not certain. Please help me if you can. I don’t care about the money involved. They have used my son & tried to twist us both up my son lives in NYC and just started a new job. I cannot go down to this hearing & be exposed to this toxic situation. I am terrified and am sick over this. Please help!

  18. Here are the facts, I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with the JW organization, they do a lot of good work in the community, however there are some people in the organization who are pretending to be Jehovah Witnesses, and are bringing in there nonsense to humiliate, harass, intimidate, ect. the bible says in Jude 1:4 that men will slip into the congregation to do their badness against those who are genuinely trying to live up to Gods righteous standards. so how do you know the difference?

  19. I love how the current JW’s break their own clear rules by coming on these sites and adding defenses ( like saying people are “pretending to be JW’s and committing crimes”. LOL) I was born and raised a JW by an elder and pioneer and I pioneered with my siblings for years myself at home. We were on every convention program in some way, every year, as exemplary JW’s. We kids and mom were physically and emotionally abused, all along BY MY ELDER FATHER for our WHOLE lives at home. He physically and emotionally abused my mother, who kept it silent most of her time with him also, out of fear. When she did desparately go to his PEERS in the Kingdom Hall ( head elders at the Church ) nothing was ever done by the church to help. Our father was one of them and quite protected, in spite of our pleas. A neighbor finally called the police on my elder father and had all hell to pay, as did we afterwards. We kids were finally out of the house, even if by force and my mon was out temporarily. Best decision ever made by our neighbor to call REAL AUTHORITIES, that I will forever be grateful for. Abusive father continues on as an elder CURRENTLY with a criminal record now in Norfolk VA. YES these are JW’s. My pioneer JW mom has since died. Father flourishes in the JW church and is remarried ( quickly ) . tHEY commit crimes, YES. So, Get real, is what I can say to the JW’s spying on sites like these only to type out bogus excuses and defenses on cases they just personally know nothing about. You aren’t supposed to be online looking at anything not printed by JW’s anyway. Its against the rules.

  20. You “apostates” and opposers have an unhealthy obsession with Jehovah’s Organization. If you detest us so much why waste your time, breathe and energy attacking, maligning and misrepresenting and harboring hatred. It will backfire too your own emotional demise. Your actually augmenting all our faith because Jesus said false and slanderous accusations would come from ones like yourself. Matthew 5:11-12*

    • If you read some of the previous responses to other people or you read the info about the map you would know that there is sadly nothing made up. We do not malign anyone. We are providing documented facts.

      We do this to inform people about the problems that are being kept hidden from you by the very people who tell you to believe and trust them while they are at the same time hiding these things from their own members.

      We hate that there are active Witnesses within the congregations who sexually abuse children and it is not reported to the police.

      We hate that non-JWs who are neighbors of JWs wind up being the ones to call the police when a JW is abusing his or her spouse or children.

      We hate that so many are dying due to the little understood blood policy or worse by suicide due to the shunning policy.

      And we hate that members are discouraged from getting an education that better prepares them to live in the world today. Let’s be honest here. It is well past 1975 when we were told it would be just a few more short months before the end. Those people did not save for their senior years, have little or no Persian and wind up suffering as they get older – still waiting for Armageddon to show up.

      Even though it is not our goal to convince JWs of these things, you, like any other JW is more than welcome to check out the references for each and every mark on the map. Protect yourself and your love ones, especially if you want to remain a JW.

      BTW, our goals is to educate the non-JW world about these problems. It has never been our goal to get Witnesses out. Mind you, if you ar any other JW asked us for information we would gladly provide it to then so they can make better, informed decisions

    • Is there an Armageddon that is supposed to come? Why don’t the Jehovah Witnesses call the police when a child is abused by someone in the congregation? That’s awful

    • For decades they attacked other religions for not reporting sexual abuse. But when it came to them, they wanted to maintain a “clean” reputation so went into denial about the extent of the problem and kept it away from the members. That resulted in many abusers finding more victims.. They are in reality absolutely no different than any other religion that hides sexual abuse of minors and protects their reputation, the abusers at the expense of children who really need help.

    • Are the Jehovah Witnesses as bad as the Catholic Church priests when it comes to child abuse, molestation cases?

    • These witnesses say they’re innocent and want to help people, but in reality, they make lives worse by forcing innocent people to join their cult and rob their life for years and years

    • Robbie we dont hate JWs at all we just want to expose the dangers of your cult expose the child abuse within the org. That isnt unhealthy at all if you take of your rose coulored glasses and research for your self ” be like the Boreans” you will find its the truth

  21. Those who are child/adult abusers at the churches, aren’t the rest of the members of the congregation church made aware of such abusers that are in their congregations? They have right to know!

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