AAWA.co welcomes you to the official website of Advocates for Awareness of Watchtower Abuses, an International Educational Organization, with 501 (c) (3) tax exempt status, that has been formed to help enable the media, educators, social services, legal professionals, doctors, nurses, mental health counselors and the general public to make informed decisions about Watchtower policies, which violate the fundamental human rights of Jehovah’s Witnesses, children of Jehovah’s Witnesses and ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses.

AAWA is a legally incorporated non-profit organization with very specific objectives and principles of operation, which are detailed in our Mission Statement.Mission Statement.

Announcement Video - 2013 / 2015

Announcement Video – 2013 / 2015

Whether you are someone from the press, a doctor, an attorney, an educator, a student, a researcher, a therapist, a concerned citizen, an ex-Jehovah’s Witness or even an active Jehovah’s Witness, we want you to know that most Jehovah’s Witnesses are very lovely people. In fact, many of their beliefs support good work ethics and family values.

Our concerns, and they are very serious concerns, are related to Watchtower’s policy on severe shunning, which results in suicides, attempted suicides and severe depression; its policy on domestic violence; its policy on child sexual abuse reporting; and unnecessary deaths due to the Watchtower’s policy on blood transfusions.

Would you like more information about these abusive Watchtower policies? Perhaps you are interested in becoming an AAWA volunteer. Maybe you will be moved to make a financial contribution to help end Watchtower abuses. Whatever you choose to do, we hope our website will make it easy for you. We also welcome feedback so that we can continually improve our visitor’s experience.

AAWA’s Successes and Future Plans

AAWA’S Plan of Action for 2018