How You Can Help


We need your support! Here are ways you can help AAWA achieve its goals:

  1. AAWA needs cash donations to help fund the many projects we have planned. We use all funds for operating, legal, and other necessary expenses. Donations are never used for salaries or other personal expenses except for reimbursements for out-of-pocket purchases and temporary loans. Click here or in the sidebar if you would like to donate.
  2. Volunteers are always welcome at AAWA. While some of our designated groups have plenty of volunteers, other segments still need more help. Let us know what your talents are or how you would like to help and we’ll find a spot for you. Please fill out and submit an online volunteer form.
  3. If you love to write and want to share your experiences as a current/former Jehovah’s Witness or family member, please send an email to [email protected] and provide a brief outline of your story. We will send you our “Article Submission Guidelines” and “Editorial Policies and Standards.” We will try to find an appropriate existing blog or website to publish your story, or AAWA may use it in future campaign materials.
  4. If you have artistic talents that include photography, video production, caricature art or cartooning, please let us know. We have an active creative arts team that will need more help. Go to the Contact Us page and select one of the activities listed or submit an online volunteer form and specify what specific talents and skills you have.
  5. Would you be willing to act as an AAWA representative or correspondent in your geographic area? We are looking for helpers to contact local media outlets such as newspapers, radio and TV stations, and other news organizations. Send flyers or prepared correspondence that describe AAWA and our objectives to local churches and fraternal organizations. Send us printouts, screen grabs and links to newsworthy stories you have seen in your own area about Jehovah’s Witnesses and their activities.
  6. Offer to make short presentations to local Meetup groups. Many political, humanist, and activist groups meet monthly and are often looking for guest speakers. This will give them an opportunity to know why AAWA exists and what we are fighting for. Offer to make a short presentation, show a video, or leave flyers about recent AAWA activities.
  7. If you have your own blog or website and would be willing to include an AAWA ad or link in the sidebar or footer, please contact the Webmaster. We will prepare custom coding and artwork for a display ad that will tell our story and complement your site’s style and format.
  8. Sign up as an  “AAWA Volunteer” by filling out the form below. Or send an email to [email protected]. One of our volunteers will get back to you within a few days to discuss how you can help AAWA in constructive and effective ways. As a “Volunteer” you will receive direct email notices announcing recent articles and blogs about AAWA activities, and upcoming special events. We have a lot planned for coming months – so don’t miss out.



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