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AAWA Videos  [English]

Watchtower Truths: Children in Danger (Sexual Abuse) – October, 2013

Watchtower and Teenagers – July, 2013

Watchtower Truths: Children in Danger – May, 2013

Watchtower Truths: Extreme Shunning – May, 2013

A Message to Jehovah’s Witnesses: Introduction to AAWA – April, 2013


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  1. Former JW, was born into it, stopped when I was 15 my sister and brother inlaw our JW’s they shun my mother (my sister has to secretly contact my mother without her husband knowing). Didn’t know till resently places like this existed very helpfull thanks.

  2. Read your invitation to talk to the governing body. Also read article on your visit that ended with a silver sword bible. The photo, l felt, was inappropriate and disrespectful. It dose not demonstrate a considerate nature. I feel that all mistakes, opinions and misunderstanding are intitled to a compassionate response. No… I am not a JW but have studied with them. While there are many unanswered questions l still found good intentions and well meaning in thier group. You can not say one thing and do another. Be respectful at all times. Not behave like children that have just escaped the lolly shop with a hand full of gob stoppers. Finding joy in taking the JW org down is wrong as many other religious organisations also have their faults. Finding a moral way to live is important. I try to live life as the best person l can possibly be knowing and accepting that I, like many others, are not perfect. You cannot make good decisions if you do not get all the information about what you are deciding on without studying it first. The religion you follow or just your own life rules must be carefully and humbly scrutinized before you decide your lifes course. Dont mess up a good thing. Keep some compassion in there guys

    • Fair comment. I find, yes the articles are not complimentary, yet they are of real, true experiences sad as they may be. Facts are presented and having been in the organization for 30 years and suffered undue influence and since leaving the org, I have three adult children shunning me without any discussion or giving my reasons of reasonable defense. Appreciate your opinion but we do very seriously take all sides with knowledge not only due emotions.

  3. Please consider including all the the other videos from AAWA and its officers which are now available on YouTube ( I know there is more because I found them) This way JWs can be referred to this one page were all your videos and clips would be posted.
    Thank you for your work. It’s very important for so many.

  4. When I left the society my first thought was what will replace it ? There seemed like nowhere to go. Thank you for AWAA I can now break free in my mind. Its so good to read the experience’s of others.

  5. Here is my thought when any organization AAWA etc. tells me i’m wrong in any way to believe the Bible and express that belief by speaking to people about it whether it be JW or any other christian organization I would’nt believe what that organization has to say about JW or any other religious organization.Armagaddon has always been in the Bible and has always been about unrighteous people being destroyed.God will decide who those people will be and yes a lot of people on this world are using their God given free will to decide who is righteous and who is not.We will always disagree who those unrighteous people are and that is fine people have the right to disagree.

  6. Barney Bright – AAWA is not telling you that you are wrong in how you believe the Bible. That is not what AAWA is about. And we don’t judge who is righteous or not. We only care about the 5 things mentioned in our mission statement: Child Abuse, Spousal Abuse, deaths due to refusal of blood transfusions, rejection of higher education for young people, and extreme shunning of those who have not sinned, but have chosen to leave the religion. Believe what you want – we don’t care. But when a religion keeps its children uneducated, exposed to pedophiles, and facing unnecessary death by refusing blood transfusions – then we care. We also care that wives can be abused by their husbands but can not leave or get a divorce. And shunning? The worst of all doctrines! Yes, by all means do not associate with criminals (especially pedophiles), but to reject family members who simply do not believe or ask too many questions – no!

    Barney – while you may be sincere in your defense of Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Watchtower, you really need to reconsider your support for an organization that has proven itself to be unloving and completely without any credible support for most of its major teachings and policies.

  7. Barney is not Bright, do your due diligence and then comment. Many here are here to support the work of these people. We have knowledge and experience in these areas.

  8. Just started online reading of Watchtower abuses after “drifting away” 30 years ago. Happy to see AAWA exists. How do i join?

    • Tony, fill out an volunteer application and we will schedule a skype or telephone conversation to see what projects you may enjoy helping us with.

  9. I left in 1989 in my late 30’s and found any potential support then to be so vitriolic and negative towards JW’s. Going through a recent resurgence of crap myself from my upbringing, have found this site helpful, also our Aussie site JWfacts – I will head there re theological doctrines instead of the JW website. Jesus encountered me many years ago and I found God’s grace, though going more into doctrines and theology creates such powerful flashacks of what I was indoctrinated with. I find there is a gentler spirituality with which I can be comfortable in the church I attend. BTW I was never disfellowshipped, and the guarded and tenuous relationship with my sister is so painful when we do get on as people so well.

  10. Most of ex JWs raised up in the WTS, they attack only and have no any answer for people who really suffer in the street and who look up to God. Most of them even not believe in God and show themselves with empthty bottles talks .That guy with his Snarky is more evil than the Governing Body, such person you should trust ?and to be associated ? He look mental sick. The WTS is a mankind religion like the rest…….but that not means that i lost my Faith in God, NO !

  11. I am a ex jehovahs witness and I am still to young to move out on my own, so I am stuck in this cult house hold with no where to go. Because of all the stress that related around the jehovahs witness in my family i found it triggering to even talk about it. But my uncle who is an elder didn’t listen, he told my two very close cuisine’s that I was dangerous and That I was going to fill their minds with bad things. and such I have not talked to them in 3 years! I dont know what to do. Pleas help me!!

    • Hi Luna.

      Say that you want to know the truth about the wachtower.
      They’re bible is satanic inspired
      Look for Kim Mikey on YouTube. Pray for the Ruah of YaHuWah. So you have to educate yourself in the time you need to study for Jehovah.or the real translation God of War.
      Stay Safe
      And don’t trust any of them.
      I’m from the Netherlands so I can’t help more than answer questions to survive this. Feeling bad for you. ALAN HORVATH IS ON VMIDEO.
      A LONG BEARD.He uses only the aromatic Hebrew and the OTIOT.

      He is a language mentor

      Try to find him. No church or other sect.
      Sjalom Luna.

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