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AAWA seeks to work with competent and committed individuals both inside and outside the organization who are willing to volunteer their time for the following kinds of work/activities:

  • Translation
  • Research
  • Community liaison / church outreach
  • Administration / coordination
  • Writing
  • Legal advice
  • PR / media relations
  • Video production
  • Assist writers and filmmakers
  • Public speaking
  • Distribution/logistics support
  • Promote books and films
  • Use the social network
  • Web design, using WordPress
  • Support / helpline
  • Peaceful & respectful demonstrations

If you feel you could contribute to AAWA’s work in any of the areas listed above, please fill in the automated AAWA-Volunteer-Questionnaire below. It will be delivered automatically to our Volunteer Administrator and reviewed for assignment.

Please note: This form system is secure. Your application will be delivered directly to the Volunteer Administrator. You will receive a confirmation of its delivery and receipt.
If you do not receive a reply or an assignment…
If you do not hear from a team leader within 72 hours, please (1) check your email’s spam folder to make sure our reply did not end up in there, and/or (2) email us at [email protected] and let us know that you are awaiting a reply from a team leader.