Join Us on Facebook

If you support AAWA’s objectives as described in our Mission Statement and want to share your thoughts and ideas with us and our supporters, then we invite you to join us on our Facebook discussion page.

Before you decide to jump in and join the conversation, please be sure that you understand exactly what AAWA’s objectives are. If you haven’t read our Mission Statement, or maybe quickly glanced at it as you scanned through our website, please click here and go back and review it completely. Then – if you still want to join our discussion group and/or become a volunteer, come back to this page and submit the automated application below.

Why are we asking for you to submit an application? It is for your safety as well as ours. During AAWA’s first three weeks of existence several individuals who had Facebook accounts were added as members to our Facebook pages without their knowledge. In most cases, these so-called “forced registrations” were initiated by well-meaning friends or acquaintances. In other cases, these actions may have been done maliciously. Some persons were as surprised as we were that they had been registered on our Facebook pages. See this recent post by John Cedars.

AAWA wants to make absolutely sure that those on our Facebook discussion sites are there because they want to be and not because someone else took it upon themselves to invite, refer, or force-register them without their knowledge or consent.

We also want you to understand that there are certain risks involved when you use social networks like Facebook and Twitter. They are provided by large corporations that are in business to make money. They earn large profits by selling names and information about their members to other companies. Most of the time this information harvesting is relatively benign, but there are also situations when private information is sold or divulged to those who would do harm. Please be aware that we are taking every precaution to protect your privacy and safety when you are joining our discussions.

We want you to participate. We want you to volunteer. We want you to share your personal stories and offer your suggestions. But we also want to make sure your visits are safe and private – as well as supportive and educational.

Come join the conversation. There is important work to do to get the truth out to the public and to help those who have been harmed. We’re going to do our best and love to have you lend us a hand.

Please Note: Although AAWA will do everything possible to protect your identity and privacy when you participate in our Facebook discussions, we have no control over how Facebook manages its services. If you have any doubts about the security of your personal information or your privacy, please reconsider your use of social networking services.