Launching a Project to End Mandated Shunning

Mandated shunning is on the rise around the world with devastating effects on millions of people. Shunning that is mandated by organized groups to its members is a form of violence against those people being shunned and cut off from their family and life-long relationships.

Mandated shunning is also harmful to those who do the shunning as they are left with little choice but to exclude—pretend the shunned don’t exist—even close family members. Both the shunned and those who do the shunning lose meaningful relationships and often suffer severe consequences, which include mental health issues, debilitating depression and even suicide.

Shunning is a Crime (SIAC) is a new initiative to end mandated shunning. It was started by people who have experienced shunning and/or understand how harmful and widespread it is. Their aim is for governments and the law to recognize mandated shunning for what it is: a type of organized bullying with severe consequences. It is especially harmful to children of all ages.

Their primary focus is to get people to tell their stories about being shunned. These stories will then be instrumental in helping to change laws, one country at a time.

Victims from 6 groups—Jehovah’s Witnesses, Exclusive Brethern, Bahá’í Faith, Amish, Hassidic Jews and Scientologists—are being encouraged to tell their stories. These 6 groups number over 50 million members and ex-members. But they are not the only groups that practice mandated shunning, and stories from victims from other coercive groups are encouraged.

All the many religious and political groups that practice mandated shunning operate globally. Therefore, the response to it needs to be global, requiring an international collaboration. 

Please help to bring an end to mandated shunning. 

Visit the SIAC website for more information:

You can also write to SIAC at:

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