Happy New Year 2016

happy-new-year-2016This past year has seen so many people experience various joys and sorrows. Many have had serious struggles. It has been wonderful to watch the amazing support offered to all those who need it. I have watched as people have offered their time and energy and compassion  for those who needed it.

So many who have demonstrated the spirit of giving, not only once a year (as we were once told) but all year long. And the giving has been without any pressure from others or only directed to “deserving” ones or because it looks good and may credit themselves in some way.

My heart and thoughts go out to all those who are still struggling with problems. For some it is health, others it is family or legal issues. For many it is the struggle to become free of the WTS’ chains. And it is also the work of self discovery in a world without petty rules.

It has been wonderful to see so many people leave the ranks of the JWs and find a way to freedom. And they have been welcomed, their questions answered or they have been directed to places for more information. It has also been rewarding to see all the things individuals can do in their own part of the world to inform the public, professionals, and the media about the undue influence of the Watchtower Society over Jehovah’s Witnesses, and even those who leave.

The internet has been a home for so many of us over the years. It is a source of comfort, support and global friendships.

One of the most important events of 2015 was the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Abuse of Children and that included the Watchtower Society and the way it has mishandled cases for the last 50 years. We sat and watched the amazing story unfold in the courtroom where the proceedings were live-streamed to the world. We watched when Governing Body member G Jackson sat and lied his way through his testimony after swearing to tell the truth. We all look forward to similar cases in the UK and elsewhere.

Love and best wishes to all for the 2016 New Year regardless of where you go, or what you choose to believe. AAWA stands to encourage and support you all in your efforts whether they are restricted to helping one person or a whole group of people.


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About Lee Marsh

Ex-JW. DFed. A survivor of child sexual abuse, physical abuse and emotional abuse. Survivor of spousal abuse - sexual, emotional and financial. Survivor of sexual assault. And one last one - survivor of ethnic/political abuse. Left the first husband (JW) and lost my home. Left the second husband (never a JW) and lost my home. Wound up homeless for 9 months living out of one tiny room at the YMCA. But I still survive and thrive.


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  1. thank you Lee, I don’t feel so alone now. I have a story to tell about my involvement in JWs but nobody seems interested. it’s probably not important as I have been out for quite a few years. I was in it for about 18 years. Happy New Year 2016

  2. Happy New Year Lee and bless you for sharing your story. It takes time to heal from this cult if you have been in a long time. I respect and appreciate all you do to help others. This year I am going to focus more on helping the homeless in my area and reach out more to ex JW’s were I live. Please keep up the good work and keep helping others. Anyone can end up homeless and sadly some of us ended up homeless while we were in the borg. Wishing you a safe and prosperous year.

    • Barbara It took me a long time to disclose that i had been homeless. I am quite surprised at the number of people who have left the JWs and even some who are still active JWs who wind up homeless. Eventually we manage to find a home and start over. Good for you for wanting to help them

  3. The AAWA review of past successes with human heart comfort and provision of a resting place to be encouraged to build a better life with this foundation and touchstone to rely on. Thank you all and best wishes to us all for the coming year.

  4. Lee, you and all the other members of AAWA are angles! Thank you for all you do in exposing the dangers of JWs and cults in general. Can’t wait to see what 2016 will bring.

  5. I feel honored by your responses. AWWA will continue to do important in exposing not only the WTS but other cults as well. Our new year looks really interesting.

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