Activism at its Best

There are few ex-JW activists who are more focused than Lee Elder. His website and message about Watchtower’s flawed blood transfusion policy has always been spot-on and well researched. In fact his, (Advocates for Jehovah’s Witness Reform on Blood) is now twenty years old and still going strong.

Lee Elder’s activism makes for a remarkable story, to say the least. And now his two-part well-written memoir, about how he created and nurtured AJWRB over the years, is available for you to read. One of the highlights is how he captured and reported Watchtower’s blatant lying to its members and the press; something you do not want to miss.

I have attached links to his story and links to his website and Facebook Page. I also want to acknowledge my profound respect for Lee, an ex-JW, a one-time true believer, who decided to do the right thing. Who knows how many lives he may have saved and may yet save due to his activism.

Enjoy the read!

The following two links will connect you to Lee’s story

The following links will connect you to Lee’s website and Facebook Page.

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