Does Watchtower Speak for God?

One of the biggest myths within organized religion is that the clergy speaks for God, or, at least has some better line of communication to the Divine than the average person.This of course begs the question: Do Watchtower’s Governing Body members and the Watchtower magazine speak for God, Jehovah God? To help you answer this question, to give you some food for thought, please check out the blog post at:


Does Watchtower Speak for God? — 2 Comments

  1. Of course they do not speak for the TRUE God,,,,they speak for his enemy Satan. The religion claims they are the mediator between God and Man, yet the Bible says the Lord Jesus Christ is the only Way, the only TRUTH and the only LIFE. Any religion or Group who uses threats and intimidation are using witchcraft.

  2. Watchtower may be speaking for their invented and promoted jehovah using their supposedly, as do other religions, own Bible interpretations far removed from TRUTH. Bible and truth are questionable based on myths stories etc. Religious truth may not be God the creator’s Truth. To each his own and freedom of choice for anyone. Religion of man’s invention. not for me.
    The creator God is Spirit (energy and Love Wisdom, Power, and JUSTICE.

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