It’s All About Control

For Watchtower, it’s all about control. This time they go over-the-top, trying to control masturbation. Seeing is believing, as no one in control of their critical thinking skills would produce this kind of video. And yet, Watchtower does it. You can read all about it and see the video for yourself at:


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  1. I am not even going to bother looking any listening to those hypocrites. They were saying those things back when I was young in the 1960’s. Two Pioneer partners of mine back in 1994 actually confesses to a Circuit Overseer that they did that and whats more got a young under age well developed girl to masterbate them and they boasted to me what they did. They were both around 21 then and I was 17/18.

    These things are laws made up by frustrated old men, who have problems with sex themselves. When was an Elder back in the late 70/80s, I often got youth telling me about this and I would advise them that the Bible does not even mention it.

    These people actually believe they can live peoples lives for them and control them with threats. That is actually a form of Witchcraft as it is laced with threats and intimidation. The only incidence in the Bible that mentions wasting semen is Onan who refused to give his dead brother a child by having sex with is widow. He broke the law of Moses in that case and took advantage of the poor woman and made her a disgrace amongst the Nation. He was put to death by God because of his arrogence and not performing Leverite marriage.

    It is the way the drones on the WT twist scripture that is damaging to decent people who just have Natural Sexual desires. Vile hypocrites and am glad I am out of that Cult….they should read Matthew 7 over and over again, filthy vile minds they have and cover up all sorts of pediphilia in the religion. Lets look forward to the collapse of the Tower….

  2. Sad…like the religious leaders of Jeus’s day…they bind upon people heavy loads…they themselves are not willing to bear. GB of are exactly like. Their eyebawlz/brains are always in someones crotch area…why? Because they themselves are always fantasizing about? Seems it is something they all have a prob. with…whether with male or female bodies and desires…out of the hearts abundance the mouth speaks….Just please leave people young and old alone already. Things they shoukd concern themselves with, they don’t…things that are none of their concern, they poke around in and distort, twist, destroy….As to pillow use…My chiropracter said to always sleep with a pillow between ones legs or under ones knees to help lesson back pain….In the middle of the night last time…I woke up and proceeded to think of how horribly controlling is…If there is a God…let them pay for all they have heaped upon people who trusted them…liars worst than a Devil, himself. Disgusting, filthly lot…Confess to them…oh yeah…been there done that…gives them a “Buzz on their Fuzz”…. touchy touchy feely? Yesterday, my husband and I stopped for a snack at a local restaurant…and who should roll in…yep, the local Jw elders and one of their wives. The wife looking very hagard…the main elder coulda used a trimmin…but whtevs…the other…looking down his pompous nose at the local older folk, native folk and other kindly folk who frequent the restaurant at lunch time…It made me mad to see the attitude they display…I wanted to go over to there table, and in a loud voice proceed to do some cart crashing…even though carts were in car or at home because, up here in Man….deep snow and cold windz for now…My husband said…Leave them be, I feel sorry for them…I said…I do not…how many times did and do they continue to corner a poor young person, or sister…and make them feel low…and unworthy….they stare at me, when I look over to them or say a greeting to any of them…no reply, quickly look away…I know them not…came from a different part of the province…but apparently…they know…I did not mk a scene for my husbands sake…He and his father rubbed them the wrong way when they partook of the emblems at their KH yrs ago…But I will confront them another time, another place, when I am alone. I like “Pinks” song…Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken….Not enough tape to shut this mouth…not enough tape to tie me down…Do not let these old buzzards of GB of JW.ORG…continue to dictate and control your life…each one has to grab a backbone and say…NO MORE! If one continues to cower, they will continue to GRRRR…Or like Jw Suicides say…Nrrrrrnrrr! Time to Grr or Nrrr back!

  3. Oh yeah…and my view to any parents who listen to GB of as to shunning their kids. … for whatever they supposedly done or never done…F U JW .org…and 14 yr olds! First they dunk you before you want to be…then a few days latter they Df and shun you to feed their egos…Just finishing installing my mirror/ camera in the sleeping chambers of GB members…see how many times they…”tackle” their pillows during the course of moon changes! Nrrrnrrr…I am just gonna stay in…”The closet”….. what does not come out in the springz…may come out in the…”mattress”…pays to be a feather duster….

  4. These videos only go to show how far from reality Watchtower’s leaders have become. They are many shades worse than the Emperor’s new clothes, and this is NOT harmless use of control.

  5. Exactly! They have far too much time and energy on their hands…make them work for their keep…see how vivacious they will be come…”pillow time”! After a hard day of work bent over a power saw in the freezing cold or sweltering heat and bugs, only to rush home, many miles away…then quickly off to the meeting, several miles away again…return home late, and back at it come early morn…like my Dear Dad and bros did…only to be judged unworthy by this lazy, good for nothing coniving bunch…see how much imagination they will have to masterbate and feel all crotchity! They will be snoring hard before they finished their hail Marys!

  6. Dear Shaorn, You are obviously hurting and angry. I sure cannot blame you, however your husband is correct, we need to feel sorry for them, they are so deluded that they actually believe the garbage they spit out. The religion is cracking and the good stones are rolling out of the Tower. We prefer to pray that all the real God fearing members of the Gang and its many captives will hear the voice of the real God, like we did back in the late 90s and finally break free, like we did in 2001.

    We believe in the power of prayer to loosen the bondage and release the captives. So glad to hear your Husband and his Dad partook of the emblems…it shows they thought more of Jesus Christ than the Pharisee’s of the WT.

    The Bible merely states that if we accept the Lord Jesus Christ as our Saviour and believe on him, we will be saved. The WT keep people away from the Lord with all their rules and false teaching about the 144,000 being superiour to every other believer. The 144,000 were chosen way back and were Jews as Revelation mentions. They just twist everything. Hebrews 1:6 tells us that ALL the Angels worshipped Jesus, so how can he be just an Angel? Did he worship himself? Bless you Sharon and your family…

  7. I know this sounds weird, but I’ve been in the org (baptized) for 12+ yrs. I’ve tried to defend it and tried to find excuses against all the allegations of it being a ”high control group”. But when i found these videos and the level of control it shows? It made me really sad. I feel cheated because I’ve always been on their side defending the elders and the Gb/branch office members against accusations. At first, I couldn’t get myself to view more than a few seconds of the vid with Gary in it. It really is him. It sounds like his voice. It’s impossible to imitate it that well. But now I finally watched it. Somehow I still hope it’s fake. Whether I’l disasociate myself or not, I don’t know. But I wont support unbiblical practices or control like this anymore. I feel really depressed because of these videos, please, someone say it’s fake.

  8. No worries Sam…all the feelings you may go thru…we all have gone thru…part of the wake up and smell the coffee process! Keep searching…on the right track. No worries Pastor David Hall…even Jesus got mad at the foney baloney ways of the religious leaders in his day…my way of letting off steam…venting…ranting, whtevs…Prayer is good…but also, true is the saying…God helps those who help themselves! Prayer does not fix everything…did not help me as a child of 3 to stop from being abused…as a teenager…prayer did not stop anything then…as I said my prayers…it continued…and as a young JW.ORG wife…did not stop my Jw husband from abusing me in any way…so sometimes…forget about praying do what your God given brain figures out…not always just butterflies and honey combs.

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