Stop Religious Shunning

“Religious shunning is quite simply a form of religious persecution.

“We need to raise awareness of the social and economic costs of large and small religious sects who shun and defame those who leave the fold.

“They may raise a child knowing nothing but that religion, fearing the outside, and forbidding higher education or certain aspects of medical care. Once grown, they may throw him or her out on their own with nowhere to go if he or she does not want the religion, or has nagging doubts about it.

“Mandating that if parents talk to their grown children who are now “apostates” that they too will be thrown out (a social death penalty and in their mind a literal one fearing Armageddon) is a common theme that needs to end.

“Shunning one spouse, who no longer believes in the faith, results in the eventual deterioration of the family unit. This splits the family apart. It is all too common, and it must stop!

“These sects who hold people or entire families captive out of a fear of loss of all the people they’ve ever known, thus staying in a group they did not choose on their own are depriving their followers of personal liberty. It is the exact opposite of freedom of religion. This is what we need to change.”

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Stop Religious Shunning — 10 Comments

  1. In this day and age, it is against the law in many countries to speak against or defame another person because of predudice against their race or religion. In fact in the Country I reside in the UK, it is an offence to speak against a Muslim and it is actually called a ‘race’ crime. Since this was first introduced I immediately thought of the Watchtower and its anti-relgious bias against every other religion on the planet and issuing the penalties against people who leave their cluthes for one reason or another. It is a very similar situation to what the Nazi’s did in WW2 against the Jews.

    It was a race crime and also tied in with their religion. Why should we be penalised by a religious group who claim they are the only people on earth who have the truth, when they have consistently lied and shown contempt for every person who has the audacity to leave their corrupt religion, like we did in 2001.

    Thankfully a number are now breaking those rules and only 2 weeks go when it was our beloved daughters funeral, quite a number of JWs attended and I even got to speak to her MIL after many years and I told her we love you and your family. This must have been a shock to her, as we have not spoken for many years.

    Hopefully a wealthy group of xJWs would challenge their evil ways as it has caused many xJWs to kill themselves as they have no one left in their family to talk too.

    They do not even obey Jesus Christ when he said we are to ‘not Judge’ anyone and we are to love our enemies….they are good at telling others waht to do, but teach the opposite to what Jesus Christ taught.

    • 100% correct. The Watchtower Organisation is a rogue sect. It’s practices and teachings are contrary to Christs teachings and have resulted in fear, deaths and family breakdowns on a large scale. They should be taken to task for this.

  2. I am currently debating which way to go? Leaving and risking losing most friends and family or staying and give love support to those who feel weighed down by how rigid the organization is. I’m currently trying the latter, but still I’m not immune to the manipulative speak, and fear of armageddon/Punishment by God or Christ

  3. Sorry about your loss Pastor David Hall…agree with all said as to shunning…but as for any wealthy exJwts…uhhhh…the end was comming…we gave our money and time to…The Rogue Org…, as Peter calls it…Do what you need to do Sam…But Do Not Cower and obey….even if it is just inside of you…never let them take from you what never was theirs to take….Take back your freedom…

  4. What I find difficult to understand, is that, if for example, the apparent many allegations of child abuse, are based on facts, then JW’s as a religious organization have surely lost creditability in the eyes of god right?
    After all, they more than other other religious organization are known for being god’s representatives.
    The standard that Jesus set for those who serve god was and remains very high.
    For example, in reference to the allegations of sexual abuse against a number of JW’s, the ones who are guilty, clearly overlooked what Jesus said about ” looking or lusting after females.”
    One must also bear in mind that god knows that ‘all people are prone to the desire to do wrong”.
    The bible alone is full of people that fell short of god’s standards in reference to sexual misconduct.
    King David fell short when he had sex with another man’s wife and then arranged to have him killed
    but god was watching and called him to account.
    He punished him but he also forgave him.
    The bible says that god does not change his standards and it is up to us whether we want to believe that or not.
    But one thing we can be sure about is that all the allegations of sexual abuse against JW’s has undoubtedly be noted by god and just as he called King David to account
    he will surely do the same against those who are guilty.
    We should also try to remember that even when a person ignores their sense of right and wrong conduct, they still know that what they did is wrong.
    They of course deny it because they don’t want to be accountable and they want to avoid punishment for their conduct.
    The victims naturally feel upset and betrayed especially when they know that they were abused by the person(s) denying it
    but that is difficult to prove without evidence and also when the religious organization shuns them and treats them like a criminal.
    But if the allegations are true and the elders know it then they have undoubtedly lost god’s favor because there is no way that god would expect the people who are doing his will to effectively wink at wrong doing while highlighting the wrongs being committed for instance by the clergy.
    To do such a thing is not only unjust but hypocritical as well and makes the governing body appear to be self righteous and deluded.
    If there is a lesson to be learned from this sad state of affairs, it is that it is far better to take heed to Jesus advice to look away when it comes to sex
    because it is the looking that then leads to sexual intercourse and that is what brings down not just the abuser and the victim(s) but the entire organization
    because people tend to judge the good ones on the basis of what the bad ones do.
    That of course is unfair, but I think we should bear in mind what Adam and Eve did and the impact that had on them but everyone else.
    The same principle applies to JW’s.
    What the bad ones do, spoils or rubs off on what the good ones do because it makes it harder to take them seriously when allegations of sexual abuse rise
    after all JW’s are known for being zealous in reference to serving god.
    But time has shown that when imperfect people try to organize themselves to do god’s will, it’s far from easy.
    We are often super fast to find fault with JW’s when a number of them fall short,
    but we forget that we are all imperfect and many of us grow up and are influenced and shaped by the standards of the country we live in.
    If a person starts of being ‘worldly’ then there is more chance that person who later becomes a Jehovah’s witness, will give in to ‘fleshly desire’
    after all if they spent most of their formative years doing that
    what are the chances of them being able to control themselves in the presence of a female?
    Whereas, the person that is raised in accord with god’s high standards and understands why god holds to those standards and expects his servants to adhere to them,
    they are less likely to fall short and let bad desire override the desire to put god’s standards and desires ahead of their own.
    Either way, when god finally sends down his judgment and the long awaited war against the satanically controlled world, everyone will know if JW’s (including the elders) have his favor or not.
    If they are still standing after that war then we will know that they have gods approval.
    We can be sure that god will ultimately sort this mess out in the end.
    In the meantime, I think we should try to remember that JW’s are imperfect and are prone to fall short of god’s standards no matter how hard they try to gain control of the sin that exists in the hearts of all people.
    God is the one who will ultimately help us overcome our tendency to give into sinful desire.
    In the meantime, all we should do is try to help people to learn from the example of those who give way to wrong desire.
    If we know that doing something is wrong we should reject it no matter how difficult it is because that is the only way to avoid what has happened within the organization of JW’s and everywhere else because remember that misconduct takes place everywhere and just within religious organizations.
    I guess the reason why people tend to be more appalled when allegations grow within the realm of Christianity is because they know that misconduct has no place there.
    Once w e join it we are really supposed to leave aside our former worldly bad conduct hence why Baptism symbolizes a kind of rebirth but in the sense that we have learned that our former conduct fell short of god’s standards and we have shown god by means of Baptism that we will try our best to live according to god’s high moral standards thereafter.
    That will never be easy because we are all prone to sin due to the wrong conduct of Adam and Eve.
    We inherited their sin which is why we fall short in many ways.
    But the apostle Paul proved that it is possible to control our imperfect flesh but only if we adhere to god’s standards.
    That requires humility and a willingness to learn the right way to conduct ourselves in harmony with god’s standards.
    That won’t be easy in a world that has strayed so far from god’s standards in so many ways.
    What god says is wrong, the world says is right.
    Who will we choose to believe and serve?
    Satan or god?
    The JW’s who gave way to wrong sexual desire we no longer serving god the minute they gave way to their bad desire.
    They forgot the example set by Jesus when he rejected Satan and spoke to people about the process that leads to sexual misconduct.
    It really is as simple as that.

  5. So then by protecting the pedophiles by their two Wt rule, mks the GB just as guilty? Are they serving Satan to? Just wondering…because of their lack of actions against and covering over sins…taking pedophiles sides against the victims would certainly appear such. True to …happens all over, even in other religions…but…sure liked to point the finger at the other religions being guilty of cover ups…now they themselves are stuffing far too much under an already far too stuffed rug, and it is oozing out for the world to see….Shame on GB of! Shame shame…deny all they want…God sees and knows they know, and shun those who have been harmed and abused…they will be held blood guilty? How have they….”Sheparded the Flock of God”? Let the evidence speak for itself…

    • I must say that I agree with you Sharon.
      It is disheartening for me, to know that, the very organization, that has made a name for itself, as a kind of religious guardian for the world,
      is now being accused of covering up gross wrong doing, while as you rightly stated,
      they accuse and condemn (for arguments sake) the clergy for doing the very thing they are now being accused of.
      They may “teach the truth” in terms of the purpose of christianity
      but is that enough for god to overcook the alleged wrongs being committed in his name?
      I doubt it because that would suggest that Jehovah is hypocritical and unjust and that cannot be.
      Therefore the fault must lay with the individuals (who obviously know they are guilty because their conscience will remind them) and the elders and governing body who then fail to act appropriately.
      That then denies justice for the victims who also lose faith in the governing body and possibly even god himself.
      From the day I became aware of these allegations of sexual abuse and they way the victims are treated I began to lose faith in this organization because two of the guiding principles of Christianity is honesty and self control.
      It seems like they were overlooked in this case and if that is true then JW’s can no longer claim to have god’s approval.
      After-all if god set’s the standards for his servants and in this case some of those standards are set aside or ignored then obviously something has gone wrong.
      The individuals that selfishly put heir desires ahead of god’s,
      are of course guilty of bringing god’s name and that of his son into disrepute
      but the governing body are also surely accountable if it turns out that they are s showing favor to wrongdoers while denying justice to the alleged victims.
      If you examine the bible and note the way god dealt with sexual misconduct and subsequent cover ups (as in the case of King David) you can be assured that he is fully aware of what is happening now and he will deal with it in his own time.
      In the meantime I think that the governing body needs to stop and take a look at itself and ask if they think that what they are doing in the case in hand can be justified?
      My honest opinion is no it can’t, because it clearly goes against the guiding principles of Christianity.
      We both know that god likes to apply mercy where and when it is deserved
      but can or will he forgive the governing body for the way they are dealing with this scandal?
      My opinion is only if the GB conduct themselves according to his standards
      and that means that the guilty should be held accountable for the wrongs they committed not just against the victims but also that they allegedly did so in his name.
      For the GB to fail to take note of that is outrageous given the fact that they never fail to divert from their course as god’s spokesperson.
      I want to end by asking you a question if you don’t mind?
      If you were a JW, how would you feel if you started to hear about these allegations of abuse in terms sex and even justice?
      Would feel able to go out on the ministry without feeling that you are being let down by selfish corrupt individuals and the governing body?
      I couldn’t because I would feel like a hypocrite who is on the one hand rightly guiding people to god and his son but at the same-time I would feel troubled by what is happening in secret.
      It is so so so sad that this has happened because in my honest opinion it renders JW’s as a religious organization useless and puts them in the same category of the clergy who misguide people in terms of religion while some of its members carry out sexual abuse and the governing body try to cover it up.
      What I learn from that is this Sharon….imperfect people cannot walk straight when it comes to conducting themselves in accord with god’s high and perfect standards.
      The ancient nation of Israel failed and so we should not be surprised to find that JW’s have failed as well.
      I truly believe that JW as a religious organization in regard to teaching people about god is good but there is clearly room for improvement and I think that the governing body needs to act swiftly and make the changes where they are needed
      because the current way they are doing things is clearly causing problems and that’s not good for anyone that is part of the organization.
      The people that are responsible for sexual abuse need to be honest and stand up and leave so that god’s name and that of his son is not reproached anymore.
      My reply is rather long but I hope you won’t mind because I think I raised some valid points in answer to your reply which was also valid.
      Thanks for sharing your opinion Sharon.

  6. Unfortunately…I always seem to share my opinion…maybe not always welcome…but when it comes to something that I held on to as dear…gave my good efforts for trying to direct people to..Jehovah’s clean organization…As did so many and many still do…and here we stand…egg on our face…poo on our hands etc…being victimized ourselves, many of us as childern, as wives…as JWts…Now seeing the GB of acting in this manner…shunning the victims…tearing up families…protecting the pedophiles…cuz you can be darn sure…he looked both ways before he pedophiled a child..There is no 2 wts…I have NO RESPECT for any of these…I doubt if they even believe in God…by their actions…They laugh in Gods face…thumb their noses at Him…to me they are very disgusting…and I shall never hold back from telling them so! Those boneheads made and continue to make a laughing stock of God and of Wts past and present…THEY DO NOT DESERVE RESPECT! Plus they continue to have charitable status…What about…paying to Ceasar…what is Ceasars…like Jesus said…He did not feel he was above that requirement…why do they? But best I quit for now so as not to get too wound up…But JW.orgy…is truly an embarassment…and I do not hold back from telling any person about their disgusting deeds! People must know! Thanx Syn43… Good and valid points…any Wt…that uses their brain…thinking for themselves…should clue in!

  7. Wow. The article was about Shunning. But comments are about the Child Abuse. So which to talk about ? Firstly I will say, I left the JW Org of my own accord about two months ago, because I had done around three months research into the pedophilia problem within JW Org. The Governing Body should either resign or be disfellowshipped, all eight of them. And the legal departments of JW Org and the Watchtower Soc’ should also resign or be disfellowshipped. I don’t know how much people here know about the earthwide situation. For over three years the Royal Australian Commision did a large investigation into the JW Org child abuse problem. It seems that the JW Org of Australia handed over the documents relevant to the Abuse allegations, so basically they followed the law and did as requested.. Here in the UK the Charity Commision did a similar investigation. The Jw Org firstly refused to hand over documents, but (I think) when they were threatened with prison sentences they changed their minds and did hand over the relevent documents. Again complying with the law of the land. However, in America, the Governing Body are still refusing to hand over aprox 20 years worth of documents relating to Child Abuse accusations within JW Org USA. Firstly, this goes against God laws, because the Bible says to obey the law of the land except where it conflicts with God’s laws. Secondly, it obviously protects pedophiles within the JW Org USA, once again totally against God’s wishes. Thirdly, the Supreme Court of California is fining JW Org $4,000 per day for not handing over this information. The amount at present time is over $2 million, whether paid or owing I do not know. This money has or will come from donations made by JW’s within their own congregations, as the congregations send money to HQ… There are / have been big court cases in Canada where the Org has been fined massive amounts too. And in the Netherlands there is a special (possibly private) organisation set up to help victims of Child Abuse within the JW org there. One thing I think, well in my opinion anyway, it proves that the Governing Body is NOT the ‘faithful and discreet slave’ that they pretend to be. Remember it is ONLY the Governing Body that say that they are the faithful and discreet slave class. That have no proof to back it up and they have given themselves that title. Self praise is no recommendation…..

    Shunning. If you’ve read my previous comment on this then you will know where I stand on it. Think of the JW Org as a Taxi. It is only taking you to your destination, you should not worship it. If you are a JW you should worship God through Jesus Christ. Only obey the Org when you can clearly see they are obeying scripture properly. It makes sense to have an organisation here on Earth, but they are all imperfect as we all are. So, the shunning thing. Do as you own conscience tells you after you have prayed directly to God through Jesus name. When our daughter left the Org and became involved in a same sex relationship we did not shun her. We kept contact and continued to visit her, even when her girlfriend was with her. We had a lovely dinner at their home too… When i left the Org, my brother (physical brother), who is an elder in our home town (near London), continued to phone me and email me. He has even invited me to his family home for a visit… He know why i left, he knows the accusations i am making against the Governing Body etc, he says we all have to pray to God and to act on our own conscience. He is very understanding.

    My point being, is that we are all different. We are not clones of the Org or clones of the elders or colnes of the GB…. God will judge us individually at Armageddon. Being a JW will not get you through Armageddon. Not being a JW will not stop God choosing you as worthy to be in the ‘new world’. Remember the Bible says ‘By their works you will know them’ not by being in the ORG.

    After sincere prayer to God, Talk to whom you wish. Stop talking to whom you wish. Treat the Elders as the imperfect men they are. Show them respect if they deserve it. Disobey them if they are wrong. You owe the JW Org nothing, your commitment ( if you want it to be ) is to God through Jesus Christ. Show love to all if possible, but remember even you and I are imperfect. May God’s love and the direction of His holy spirit be with you.

    • John well put, you seem to have been in the game for a few years… only thing is, do you have any sources regarding the australian and uk branches cooperating but not the Us branch. It’s not that I don’t believe you but I need sources if I’m telling someone else. Otherwise they will say apostate lies etc. but it seems a bit puzzling. If it’s ok (The Gb must have given ot their ”blessing”)for the uk and australia to cooperate by handing over docs why can’t the us legal guys cooperate as well? It makes no sense…

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