Video Exposes Watchtower’s Practice of Shunning

Advocates for Awareness of Watchtower Abuses (AAWA) proudly presents “Operation: e-Shunning” – its latest social media campaign aimed at informing the general public about the harmful and devastating effects of the Watchtower’s “shunning” policy.

To the average person, Jehovah’s Witnesses are merely a polite group of people who are renowned for their door-to-door ministry. Very few are aware that the Watch Tower Society requires Witnesses to cut all ties with former believers – including their own family members and closest friends. Even contact by email is forbidden.

It is the goal of AAWA to raise awareness of the plight of all affected by cruel and damaging practices such as “shunning.” The following videos are another step toward achieving that goal.

Danish Version
Dutch Version
French Version
Portuguese Version

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Alternate Dutch Version (English Narration – Dutch Subtitles)
Alternate French Version (no narration)

Other Languages Available soon!

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Video Exposes Watchtower’s Practice of Shunning — 21 Comments

  1. I would very much like to join this organization. I was a witness for 38 years and walked away 3 months ago. It has been very hard losing all my friends and being alone. I have a powerful story to tell.

    • I felt terribly alone, as if I was the only one to leave……………that was in the early 1980’s. I finally saw a writeup in Times Magazine on Raymond Franz being evicted from Bethel……..I wrote to the magazine asking to be put in contact with him. They said that is not their policy, but if I sent a letter to the magazine for him, they would forward it to him. Can you imagine my happiness the day I got a letter back from him. He was soooooooooo loving and helpful. I owe a lot to those who helped me on my way out of the cult, (I never knew I was in a cult because I lived in my own home, and not a compound). Now I relish in helping others find their way………..I have no answers except follow your heart, and find your own comfortable path up the mountain. In the end we are all fellow travellers on this earth, each as valuable as the other, with no “right” way………………We have to learn how to drive our own bus, and not rely on the organization to direct us. You will find loads of help here.

    • Thank you for your words it has been difficult but I am doing much better and mentally detoxing.

  2. This made me cry and it’s so true it happened at my stepfathers funeral and will probably happen at my mums 🙁 x Sending lots of hugs and kisses genuine condolences and thankyou for sharing this in such a heartfelt understandable way!

  3. My Family are Russellites. They Print the Herald! Chicago Bible Students.
    Have Volume Studys. This is a Christian Front! Printers in Franklin Park.
    And in Europe! My Family is in danger. Help Me Please? Jerry From Chicago!!!!

  4. I’m in the biggest Nightmare no one could imagine. My bloodline is at hand. Threw lies. I was back 2 months. They have Pyramid, cross and crown worship. The chart of the ages. The elders turned me into a ghost. I just wanted to know who rented them the Masonic Temple. 2 yrs. I could
    not find anything. A pop up, no less from their Archives! He stated, I am a Mason….San Fran in a
    Masonic Temple. They said, “we won’t answer the question. Because we have nothing to do with
    Freemasons”. On. Which MASON Rented them the Masonic Temple? The whole time, it’s in their web site! I was told I was wrong about the documented proof! LOL These people are so manipulating. As if I’m persecuting them! For 2 months, the cruelty I endured. Was Huge!
    They have a new Russell. This guy is Russell’s spawn. He’s no preacher! He does all the stupid stuff Russell did. End dates that bomb all the time! Following Politicians! LOL Half are Jezuit! Their own Private Banker. It’s like walking in on a film shooting of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre! The vibe is Insane. And the Beleif structure is as solid as a fog! So the, Invisible Burden Of Truth”, is still used. CBS. Perfect! c B.S. Or, Chicago Volume Students. Chicago B.S.
    What can I do? What a mission of the Lord! These people rip on JW. While the whole time doing the same thing. Shun People. They’re an insult to the Omish. Just by breathing! Mind Control These Nuts. I can see outside of the box. My Family Follows Christianity, From A Mason. CULT
    ALARM! ~SOS~ Help me? ~SOS~ Jerry From Chicago!!!! You must break the Foundation 1st.
    Then every thing will fall in place!

  5. Russell was found dead, in a train. On Oct. 31, 1916. On Hollaween!
    Do you know how he was dressed? Like A False Prophet! LOL I need
    to laugh. It’s such a Horrific Issue. Jerry From Chicago!!!!

  6. Jerry I hope you are for real, as there seems to be a lot going on with you, can you maybe contact the administrators and explain exactly what your duties are and where your based and so on. Obviously people will help you if you want us to. Kind Regards, and take care not to speak to people within the organization about your new found information.

  7. I found this video very comforting because it is exactly how I have felt for years now. Thank you for the work you are doing. The information here and have truly opened my heart to the possibility of a happy life for the first time in many years. I see that the same issues that destroyed my faith are felt by a great deal of people and its nice to not be alone anymore.

  8. what about spanish? A lot of people in Mexico and Central America believe that JW is an alternative for chatolic church… I am not sure about that…

  9. I was very close to my mother. I took off work the last 3 weeks to be close to her as she died of breast cancer. When I arrived at the memorial service I was pulled aside by my father. He told me that i wasn’t welcome at the reception after the service but I was welcome to sit there and listen to the service at the Kingdom Hall. There were about 8 other family members who were turned away. This wasn’t my father’s idea and there were tears in his eyes as he told me that the “Brothers” wanted it that way. We walked out immediately and had a service of our own at my house. We all took turns talking about what we loved about her and how much we would miss her. I miss my little sister. I have to drive by her house every day and wonder what my 5 year old nephew looks like as I’ve never met him. I miss my Father.
    When I left the Jehovah’s Witnesses 10 years ago I had an investigator track down one of my brothers that had been disfellowshipped 23 years earlier. He lives on the other side of the country but we found a way to get together and the reunioin was filled with tears of joy. We now share all the normal family occasions and support each other emotionally.
    If you have left the Jehovah’s Witnesses, my best suggestion is to talk to someone who can help guide you through the emotions. There is confusion,(what do I do with my life now) anger, and sadness. Talking to others who have been through it really helps get things back to normal.

  10. Amazing informative video………………this has to be helpful for so many of us who are being shunned. We are even deprived of our governmental freedoms of religion, speech and press by this oppression Watchtower organization.

  11. Happy for Tim Bridges finding disfellowshipped brother and is
    assocociating. Wonder if you are of the Bridges who lived in northern Arkansas 40 some years ago. I met a family there. Father Bill Bridges, wife and two sons and two adopted. Would like to find other Jws I knew through the years. Been alone except a daughter who quit Jws before did. Have two boys in org. and one just returned. All three shunning of course.

  12. I appreciate your hard work! Like so many others, I too lost my family. Spent thousands of dollars on therapy over the last 6 yrs. incredible pain! It was still worth it! I felt so gullible and ashamed when I started to learn the real “truth”. I served as a Elder and can’t believe how little I new about this organization! How embarrassing!
    How could you trust any organization that says its ok to lie, and if you don’t agree with there “concept” your considered ” mentally deseased” my heart goes out to all that have had to endure so much pain!

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