Watchtower’s Current Financial Position — 8 Comments

  1. for me it was easy to leave. only cause the FACTS speak for themselves. I have asked many elders are we suppose to ignore what is staring right at you as if it did not exist. half my family is locked in the WT. they refuse to accept the facts even when I show them from own lit. it is hard to imagine people are so blind

    • You are definitely not alone, Bill. Thanks for sharing your story. And, it is all about “undue influence”. JWs are systematically psychologically manipulated and they just cannot see it. Outside events like this will help some, but not everyone.

  2. I Mean Mind Control.But I mean they have hurt Thousands maybe millions of Families wow.So if it is true nobody gets away with anything through karma etc.And you get what you dish out without attempting to make and amends to those you have hurt then mmmmmmmmmmm OMG THEY ARE IN FOR A SHREWD AWAKENING.And if the Supreme ALMIGHTY is mad and pissed off at anyone im thinking they may be at the top of the list.,But i pray that all of us are forgiven.Why?well the answer is Father forgive us for we know not what we do.This applies to every last one of us crazy ass human beings.

  3. We exited the cult back in 2001 after a few years of questioning their nasty teachings. We accepted the Lord Yeshua/Jesus Christ as our real TOWER and strength back in November/December 2002.

    My wife had a vision after that. She saw a Tower on a mound and then the light of Jesus Christ shinning into its roof and downward. She then saw cracks appearing in its walls and stones from those walls rolling out. At that time the cult was the 34th richest organisation listed in New York, so we read.

    So this article is confirming what we knew was going to happen with the Evil Empire…just like ancient Babylon it has the sayings from the Lord over it….MENE, MENE, TEKEL & PHARSIN. The Medes and Pesians are at its door.

    Our lovely daughter Naomi who was only 49 died on 21st December and we are still waiting for her funeral on the 18th of this month January 2018. She had lots of cancer and had a stroke on top of that. But thanks to knowing about our dear Lord, we know where her spirit has gone.

    Thankfully she accepted the Lord Jesus Christ was her real TRUTH and often spoke to her JW realtives about her love for Jesus Christ. She had been a Pioneer many years ago and married a
    JW Son of an Elder…..but they broke free before we did.

    • David, many thanks for sharing that and we remember you and the family in your time of loss.

  4. Jon Valkila, from Finland, made the following observation, which may be interesting to the readers of Jon Redwood’s post:

    “Add to these financial aspects the age pyramid of JWs. Something similar is happening elsewhere too, but I have numbers in Finland. Add together these interrelated factors: 1) a low birth-rate among JWs as a result of discouraging having children for decades, 2) a decline in the number of converts since the mid-1990s, 3) a collapse in the number of baptisms since the mid-1990s and 4) young people leaving the organization. The result is a very aged population.

    “We have (fairly reliable) government statistics about the age structure of JWs in Finland. Guess how many are over 65 years old? That’s 28% of JWs in Finland. This is a population of very poor future prospects. There have been fewer JWs in proportion to the population since 2001. As the decline probably continues at some point it could lead to a collapse of congregations and the organization. It’s a sinking ship. Who wants to give their money or time to an organization which doesn’t seem to have a future? Kingdom halls are being sold. The few people who still go to meetings are mostly old people.

    “I have to say though that the product JWs sell is very good. Eternal life in paradise. They might find new markets and millions of new gullible people who want to believe it and give their money. So I’m not sure about the collapse yet.”

  5. “All Jehovah’s Witnesses will be given a number and tracked.” I think the book of Revelation calls it ‘the mark of the Beast’. Well done John for another superb article.

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