Australian TV Viewers See and Hear “JW Facts”

There are many websites online that consider all sides of the Watchtower organization and Jehovah’s Witnesses. Many of the better-known discussion and archive sites tend to mirror the personalities of their founders, editors or primary contributors. is no exception. It is a calm, direct, accurate – and extremely credible – educational archive that has been researched, edited and maintained for several years by its founder Paul Grundy. Paul and his website have – at least in the opinion of many of us – set the highest standards for presenting the truth about Jehovah’s Witnesses. See for yourself:


It would only make sense that after the initial hearings by the Royal Commission on Institutional Handling of Child Abuse, Australian news agencies and television stations would try to find and engage a person like Paul to fill in the blanks, provide straight answers to their questions and provide other background information that they could never hope to get from official representatives of the Watchtower branch office. Even the Royal Commission, with all of its authority and powers, had difficulty getting direct answers from Jehovah’s Witness elders and officers.

We are pleased to present an uncut version of Paul’s interview with the ABC (Australia) TV network on their “The DRUM” news program. You should find Paul’s unassuming personality and well-considered direct replies to the hosts’ questions refreshing. Watch the interview for yourself:

AAWA will continue to follow and comment on the Royal Commission’s investigation and hearings about Jehovah’s Witnesses and their handling of pedophilia, child abuse, and other crimes within their organization. We appreciate their hard work and unyielding search for the facts. We thank Paul Grundy for his excellent interview.


Australian TV Viewers See and Hear “JW Facts” — 8 Comments

  1. I feel j.w.s should apply the rules set out by the authorities to contact the police if any child abuse was reported to them. Their system is old, outdated, and does not apply under modern social structure. The elders are not trained on how to deal with such matters, plus the judicial committee are ONLY made up of men!

  2. I just looked at Paul’s site and he obviously has his own set of beliefs now and completely disregards the prophecies of Daniel as being futuristic….it was not only Russell who had prophecy appertaining to end times…but many eminent men of the day.

    Here is an amazing prophecy given by Dr Gratten Guiness back in Russell day and it CAME TRUE

    Prophecy of 1917

    As birds flying so will the LORD of hosts defend Jerusalem; defending also he will deliver [it; and] passing over he will preserve it. Is. 31:5

    Blessed is he that waiteth and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days. Daniel 12:12

    Spurgeon wrote that Horae (1862) was the standard commentary on the book of Revelation. In it, E.B. Elliot revealed that the Kings of the East was commonly understood to signify that when the Turkish Empire ended the Jews would return to their home.

    Therefore, when Turkey began to collapse in the late 19th century, the eyes of England turned to Jerusalem with expectancy. This anticipation was heightened when the first World Zionist Congress met in Switzerland in 1895. For the first time, there was tangible proof that this prophecy was about to be fulfilled.

    Dr Gratten Guiness – Approaching End of the Age

    Predicted Fall of Jerusalem based on Bible Chronology

    ble about bible prophecy and Grattan Guiness was their most prominent expositor. His remarkable Approaching End of the Age (1880) revolutionized bible chronology with the discovery of the soli-lunar cycle. He predicted that Jerusalem would be freed from Gentile rule on the 1335 lunar or 1917.

    Miraculously, the year General Allenby led the British troops into Jerusalem, the coins in circulation bore the two dates 1917 and 1335 (in Arabic)! Allenby fully appreciated this prophetic milestone because as a boy his mother had read to him from

    Approaching End of the Age.

    The Cleansing of Jerusalem (The Sanctuary)

    A Double Witness Doubled Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed. Daniel 8:14

    We have seen how the 2520 lunar and the 2300 solar co-terminated in 1844. In 1917, the 2300 lunar and the 2520 solar co-terminated. Thus the two longest prophetic time periods in the bible inscribe Daniel’s “Cleansing of the Sanctuary”. A remarkable double witness DOUBLED.

    2520 Lunar – 603 BC to 1844
    2300 Solar – 457 BC to 1844
    2520 Solar – 603 BC to 1917
    2300 Lunar – 312 BC to 1917
    The 2300 solar began with Daniel’s seventy weeks at the decree to rebuild Jerusalem (Ezra). The 2300 lunar began at 312 BC from the era of the Selucidae which dynasty proceeded the Eastern Little Horn.

    The current situation within the Muslim World now wants to see Israel obliterated at any cost. However the Lord Yahweh will not allow this to happen

    Look at the amazing fulfillment of prophecies highlighted on the Armageddon News sites

    Although I am out of Watchtower Control, I still accept we are in end times and it all revolves around Israel and Islam…..

    • Bible prophecy has been and is interpreted differently by different “authorities” There have been many thoughts from the first century when the Jewish system ended to the late 1800’s and early and later 1900’s to 2000. Question what come to an end? What is the system or times?
      In the end times “God” was going to return the Jews to their rightful land? What Jews? What Land? Certainly not what is going on in “the Holy Land” now or look as God would have anything to do with these secular wars or contnrol etc. Saying “the Jews are not Jews, the Christians are not Christian, the Islam are not etc. There IS One God of order and not the wars and killings going on in the world anywhere. Bible is full os stories and The God is not bound by man’s word.
      Should we not search for God and His True Word of Unity and not partiality toward any humanl powers.
      God created humans when will humans think, act and treat each other humanely?

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