Equal Rights for All: Not for Jehovah’s Witnesses?

As a follow-up to our earlier article “Exposing the Watchtower’s Flawed Domestic Violence Policy,” I would recommend that you also read “How Do Jehovah’s Witnesses View Women and Domestic Violence?” by the Michigan Skeptics Association. You can read this well-written article by following this link.

In most countries of our modern world “equal rights” for both men and women are considered a societal norm – except for those lands that are predominantly Muslim. Most of us would find it incomprehensible that anyone with a shred of critical thinking skills could believe that God actually has a “pecking order” for human beings based on their gender. Nor would most people believe that deferring to such an archaic and chauvinistic mentality would be the only way we could please God, receive his blessings, and maybe eventually earn everlasting life.

Unless you are one of Jehovah’s Witnesses…

By promoting such “logic”, the Watchtower Society continues to wreak havoc upon the lives of thousands of innocent people, at least for those who actually believe that the Society’s Governing Body is “God’s only earthly channel for truth.” That belief sets up a system where none of the Governing Body’s policies – no matter how unsupportable or unrealistic – are ever challenged by Jehovah’s Witnesses. Because they are categorized as “religious belief and theology,” those unfair and often dangerous policies go unnoticed and remain “under the radar” to the general public.

I suggest you read The Michigan Skeptics Association’s timely article. It makes a strong case for responsible activism by anyone who wants to help people abused by the policies of any high-control religious cult that uses unethical social influences and theological blackmail.

Please note that AAWA’s board of directors have nominated and approved the appointment of Steph LeGardener and Marc Latham as new members of the Advisory Board effective immediately. We will provide more information about them and their assigned responsibilities after the
New Year. See “About AAWA” to read their bios.

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Equal Rights for All: Not for Jehovah’s Witnesses? — 8 Comments

  1. Great writing, Richard! We need to make sure women (who seem to be the biggest “targets” of conversion for the Witnesses) are made aware of how women are viewed by the Witnesses via the Governing Body.

    Also, congratulations to Steph LeGardener & Marc Latham!

  2. As my momma drilled into my brain, “Jehovah states we women are to be subjected and submissive to the head”. The GB says that “head” is a man. Funny, I thought the modern day line was men’s heads were actually their genitals. So what exactly are we supposed to be “beneath”? Just so much rubbish coming down from the GB in Brooklyn.

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