Petition: Protecting the Rights of Children

Late Friday evening (February 21, 2014) AAWA launched its second grievance petition on This petition focuses on protecting the rights of children.

Are you aware that mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse by clergy and religious leaders of faith-based institutions is required by law in only 40% of the states and territories of the United States?

That means that 60 percent of American children — innocent children — are not protected within their own churches, temples and Kingdom Halls. Why is this the case? Don’t you agree that reporting suspected and confirmed child sexual abuse to the authorities must be mandatory – especially by all institutions of trust that engage with our children?

You might think that requiring “mandated reporting” by all religious faiths should be a “no-brainer.” Unfortunately, that is not the case with the policy makers within the Watchtower Society and other paternalistic high-control religious groups.

Question: “Does the church always report cases of child abuse to the police?”
Answer: “NO.”

Therefore, AAWA is asking you to join us by signing the following petition. We really believe that your support, along with your signature and comments, will eventually help us to make a difference.

If you need additional motivation to sign this petition and to encourage your friends and family to sign it, you should read Bo Juel Jensen’s story at Bo Juel Jensen Could Be the Watchtower’s Worst Nightmare []. It’s a true, personal, and tragic story about how protecting the privileges of a Jehovah’s Witness elder were given priority over the rights of a child.

Bo Juel JensonNow 42-years old, Bo says, “This petition is very important. It is one of the most important petitions I have ever seen. This should be common sense, but sadly that is not the case. Of course ALL clergy should report ALL suspicions of CHILD ABUSE to the police.

“Read it! Sign it! Share it! This is YOUR chance to be part of the change, to make life safer and easier for millions of children. If we can make this change happen in the United States, we can make it happen around the world.”

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Petition: Protecting the Rights of Children — 2 Comments

  1. This is a very important petition. It is not inclusive of Jehovah’s Witnesses and unreported child molestation must be addressed. Otherwise, thousands of children are in harms way.

  2. This petition is so important! Watchtower isn’t going to do this voluntarily. If there are laws in place that victims can prove were broken, it will be much easier to litigate against them.

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